Discussion: Parents Urged To Store Guns In Kids’ Bedrooms At Annual NRA Meeting

I knew I'd find it once I got a chance:

So yeah, my take is it's all about this new fashion trend in Methbilly Land. The NRA has been assigned the task of pushing it onto its ammosexual army.

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I think it's an excellent idea. That puts us on the road to eliminating all future gun nuts and their prodigy.

If you store loaded weapons in a child's bedroom you have brain issues.

These people are completely totally insane.

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So. Much. This...

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Love gun safes made out of wood. Totally secure, unless you have some kind of pry bar.

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I just found out that a new friend is a Gun Nut- the family carries weapons, all the adults, all the time. Even in the living room. Just in case, y'know.

I won't be hanging out there anymore.


I love watching that fool shoot himself. It makes my day :smile:

Gee, don't you feel safer knowing anyone of them could go ballistic at any time and kill everyone. That always makes me feel so much safer

[rolls eyes and walks away]

He reportedly added that keeping firearms hidden, instead of locked or secured in a safe, was an appropriate mode of storage.

Sure it is...for an idiot. Or for someone who doesn't care if their kids blow their brains out, by accident or on purpose. And who doesn't care whether a burglar (or even a family member or guest) steals the gun and ends up using it to kill some innocent person. In other words, it's an appropriate mode of storage for a sociopath or a moron. So, gotta give the guy credit, he knows his audience!


here you go, lots of links to companies that make the "furniture" in question

Hiding in Plain Sight: Furniture to Hide Your Guns

My favorite is http://www.covertfurniture.com/furniture/chest-of-drawers/ - notice the cute little girls playing right next to the hidden penis substitutes

Gun'tards of America: you're doing it wrong.

Look at Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver: he had sweet guns on tracks attached to his arms! He could deploy his concealed weapons with a flick, anytime, anywhere!! Isn't that when the turrists and the haters can strike—any damn time? I think you gun nuts aren't nearly paranoid enough. It's time to start packing heat to the toilet... to the back yard... er'where.

Don't forget to keep your guns loaded at all times, with the safety off.. you never know when you'll have to do a quick draw like they did in the Old West.

I LOVED that commercial. It is and was the best! :smile:

It should be run on all the TV's at the NRA convention - he he he (yep I am that mean)

There is a magazine rack with an optional Toilet roll holder that has a concealed compartment for your "heat". I kid you not, I would post the link but I am at work and they are major paranoid about guns here.

To be fair he is right guns are tools... tools for killing things, which is why they should be treated with at least as much respect as a knife or pair of scissors instead of as a magic fucking protective talisman that needs to be carried with you always.

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I suspect this is why we can't have nice things.

Idiots rob us of any karma points as a society.


exaaaaactly! I've been rolling my eyes so hard for so long over these shenanigans that I have permanent mascara marks on my brow bones.

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Put a 400 pound gorilla in the kids' bedroom while you're are at it...along with Denny Hastert or Josh Duggar.

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Hah. The gun-concealment furniture, and the text describing it, is just begging for a parody.

Vibrators are great. They just are. They’re valuable tools in a pinch, and they need to be there when you need them. In your home, it’s great to keep one or more vibrators handy, and it’s wise to keep them out of sight. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot more furniture that functions and looks like “regular” furniture while doubling as a hiding place for sex toys.

Concealing dildos in this way is a good idea for a number of reasons. It often keeps sex toys conveniently stored in the areas where you spend most of your time in case of urgency. Drawing attention to your vibrators by hanging them on the wall or displaying them in a glass case may cause them to become targets of theft. Having them out in the open allows them to get dusty and may let children or other untrained people handle them. Also, concealment may save you from losing valuable sex toys if your home is burglarized when you’re away.

[This is a hoot]

The CouchBunker may be one of the most extreme products out there as it combines several desirable features: It’s a fire-rated safe hidden within a custom built sofa or couch, and you can choose to get lube-resistant cushions for it. The cushions can serve as portable personal shields against semen and other fluids, and they say they “will stop a 44-dB pleasure moan at point blank range.” The Made-in-USA safe within will hold up to thirty vibrators and other goodies.


If your kid shoots himself due to this 'parenting issue', well, it's not your fault, and no use crying over spilled milk. The important thing is to defend your Second Amendment rights, and if a kid or two sacrifices their lives in the name of your rights, well, they're heroes, and give them a hero's funeral.

Right, gun lovers? Or am I missing something here?

Since Eve looks just like a nekkid Natalie Dormer-- I can see why Adam had a hard time ______ .
Feel free to fill in the blank. All answers will be considered correct.