Discussion: Parents Urged To Store Guns In Kids’ Bedrooms At Annual NRA Meeting

“If your kid dies, it’s your fault.” Well, that part of it is true.

Also, don’t lock the gun up because that would slow you down in getting to it when a good, erm, bad guy with a gun comes to invade. Just tell your kid to absolutely positively not look into the hidden compartment under the new piece of furniture you just put in their room.

If not for all the dead kids and adults, the NRA would be comedy gold.


Holy fuck!

I don’t blame you. If a gun nuts believes that the probability of a dangerous intruder (or tyrannical government) appearing in his home is high enough to merit an in-home arsenal, the safe bet is to take him at his word and keep your daughter out of the danger zone.


I thought Jeb was the low-energy one.

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Oh what the hell, let’s just get right down to it and start shooting the babies as soon as possible.


And all those idjits with those “Baby on Board” signs in their vehicles…WTF is that supposed to mean anyway?

Shoot 'em!


The stupidity of gun owners? Gun sellers? The NRA? – all three!!! Gawd up us from these idiots!



If you store your loaded firearms in your child’s bedroom, you have a parenting issue.


What a f’ing idiot!

How about, oh I don’t know…a gun safe???

Talk about irresponsible imbecile!

OH, or better yet, how about leave it on the coffee table?? Yeah, yeah, your gun will be nice and safe there!

…do you want your gun safe? Or your children?

F’ing nra!

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What could go wrong?


Gee, what could go wrong?

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‘‘if your kid is going to break into the safe just because it’s in their room, you have a parenting issue, not a home defense issue.’’

‘‘He reportedly added that keeping firearms hidden, instead of locked or secured in a safe, was an appropriate mode of storage.’’

I can’t even…


I sincerely wish that whatever could possibly go wrong with this scenario DOES go wrong. I have no sympathy for these gun-fuckers or their kids. If they get maimed or killed because of their parents’ stupidity and blind allegiance to the NRA and the 2nd Amendment, so be it. Just don’t expect any tears from me, because they sure as hell never shed any tears over the victims of Sandy Hook and any other mass shooting. I only wish it would happen to the families of Wayne La Pierre, Larry Pratt, and Ted Nugent.
And yes, I am bloodthirsty concerning this and no, I am not apologizing for it. Besides, I am positively sure that the mythical “good guy with a gun” will prevent any of this from ever happening in the first place.


It’s for NRA-NAMBLA cross training day. I’d love to see THAT Venn diagram.


Well, there are three reasons you’re wrong about that. Perry came after a Bush, he was run down by the press and . . .uh . . . the other reason.


Um no, I get that you are understandably outraged by this idiocy, but unless you are a depraved person you should have sympathy FOR CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY when their crazy gun nut parents put them in harms way and you should mourn any harm that comes to them. There but for the grace of God and all that…

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Genetically defective white trash.

I suppose this is one way to cull the herd.


Haha…that’s insane.

Altho, I have to say, when I was real little, “Barbie for men” was known as “GI Joe” and it too was all about dolls and their accoutrements. Point being, the M4 Carbine and its vast array of accessories isn’t “Barbie for men”; it’s still just “GI Joe for little boys.”

Of course, then He-Man rolled around and the later 80’s struck and wow did boys’ “doll” type toys get gay. I mean, who was Prince Adam kidding?


You also have a criminal reckless endangerment issue.

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