Discussion: Parents Urged To Store Guns In Kids’ Bedrooms At Annual NRA Meeting

No kidding :frowning:

... it's apparent (no pun) that this inbred mouth breather has never sired or propagated the species.....

..... and if he has, Dog help us all.......

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If I had to choose between a dingo and a loaded gun, I'd probably go with the dingo. A kid might stand a chance with the dingo. Also, one kid can't use a dingo to kill another kid across the street (not unless a kid suddenly becomes an expert at dingo training.)

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And I support him in his idiotic quest for intelligence ... only with one caveat .... the kids can't be charged for anything if they kill the parent with the gun. In fact, the children should be given a medal for elevating the corporate IQ of the American Gun Owning Public.

I'm wondering where these people live that their so fearful of criminals or armed commandoes breaking into their houses.

It's true. I believe I heard them talking' about it on the “Gun Owners News Hour.”

The irony being, of course, that Texas passed a law banning dildos.


Texas. Where everyone has a gun, but only outlaws have dildos.


Why do they need any? Rick Perry is dildo enough for the whole miserable state.


Because the batteries are dead and the motor is burned out?

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if your kid is going to break into the safe just because it’s in their room, you have a parenting issue, not a home defense issue.

Now Johnny, I'm not going to tell you again, just because you're 5 now doesn't mean you can just take cookies and... hey, are you listening?! I said... now how in the hell did you get into the toy chest gun locker? I asked you... don't point that at me young man! I said you don't get to.... BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG...

Or you have a funeral arrangement issue.


Well, Miss Kitty does have a couple toys that will inflict a noticeable limp in your gait if you're not careful. Still doesn't justify a ban though.


Sadly, it's not only men. There's also "Caribou Barbie" and that lunatic Fiore. (for a couple of examples)

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This is from The Onion, right?

"In other news, a Rob Pincus, was shot today when a friend of his grandson accidentally found a handgun under his grandson's bed. It was the reported the children were playing with the gun only moments before. Sources close to the Pinkus's said that they couldn't understand how the loaded gun went off. Rob Pincus is undergoing surgery to reattach his penis and is expected to survive. The paramedics called to the scene reported that the gun was unharmed."

Probably deserves at least an Honorable Mention!

My 'parenting' says 'THIS IS A GUN SAFE. It's locked and for you to stay out of. Come get me if you feel like you need to be in there.' END of discussion. It is not in ANYBODY'S bedroom.

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He must have access to some amazing parenting skills if he can prevent his kids from being kids and getting into shit and trouble. Amazingly bad, gotta be a blanket trainer asshole.


Imagine how deeply lost into vigilante wannabe fantasy land must a person be, to dream up such wildly implausible scenarios. Makes me wonder what color the sky is over there.