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Exactly, of course this is just the kind of thing a bully like Donald would focus on and make use of during a campaign. Repeating over and over again every little thing Joe messed up until its seared into the country’s collective consciousness that Biden is a gaffe prone senile joker. Maybe people will want to vote for the caricature Donald and his crew paint, lets hope that there are enough of them, because 4 more years of Donald will not be a laughing matter.

Oh, come on. That vote was just a gaffe.


Underlying all of that is the absurdity, when two of the premises of your presidential campaign are that you have good foreign policy judgment and that you are an expert at working with Republicans in bipartisan good faith, of telling a story about how you made a disastrous foreign policy decision because a Republican took advantage of your naïve belief that he was working in bipartisan good faith.

Picky, picky, picky.

There aren’t laughing them off now. Even his supporters aren’t laughing…they are angry that people keep pointing them out. Which is a defensive mechanism on their part.

Biden is going to continue to make “gaffes” (and I hate that description, because much of what he says are not misstatements…he means them, but misreads context and the “room”), and his campaign is going to continue to defend them, leaving less time to advance any sort of agenda or frame his campaign in a positive, forward moving, light.

People can whine that they are only having to defend him because he is being erroneously attacked all they like, but it is what it is. And its not going to stop.

Ironically, this IS him taking it seriously. His campaign has decided to go with this strategy…“Look its just Joe…it doesn’t mean anything important”. That is the message he is saying here, and its the message his campaign has been trying to float for the past couple of weeks. But make no mistake…they are concerned enough to have started this strategy.


Well, it is interesting to me, because one of his saving graces for me compared to HRC is that he had he had, fairly early on, apologized for his vote for the AUMF. Now, he´s apparently convinced himself that he never really voted for the war at all. Bizarre he should bring it up, considering it´s presumably less of an issue than it was four years ago.

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This use of the word “theory” is shameless flattery.


Biden is a liar and a chicken hawk like Dick Cheney.

Biden in 2005: “Let everyone here be absolutely clear, I supported the resolution to go to war.

Biden in 2019: “Everybody looks at it now, and says, we voted to go to war. It was not a vote to go to war.

He should never be Commander in Chief. He is unfit for duty.

Biden Bros!

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If Biden is the Dem candidate, gaffes, bullshitting and age notwithstanding, it looks to me like there are a huge number of people who’ll vote for Biden but’ll have second thoughts with any other Dem candidate.

I would hope that those second thoughts would be overridden by Trump’s crazy, but Trump has a real machine of nasty bastards and I’m just not sure Warren or anyone else is prepared for what’s to come.

They’ve never stopped promoting the derp.


You also hope that the rest of the team will rally around him (if he’s nominated), get some key hits and manufacture a lot of runs, play amazing defense, and get a win.


Are you saying that there is a large “Biden or Bust” contingent? I’m not disagreeing with you, just asking.

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You are wrong. FDR was the centrist governor of New York State In 1932, and was opposed by the left wing of the party; after failing on three ballots, he did the deals necessary with Cactus Jack Garner, William McAdoo and, yes, William Randolph Hurst, to get the nomination. Truman was so reviled by the left wing of the Democratic Party in 1948 that they walked out of the convention and nominated former VP, Henry Wallace. JFK’s liberal credentials were so much under attack in 1960 by Hubert Humphrey that Kennedy had to finally say, “I am an idealist, but an idealist without illusions.” LBJ got the nomination for obvious reasons, none of which were that he was a flaming liberal. Poor Hubert Humphrey, who was a true liberal, was killed by the crazy anti-war crowd in 1968, who preferred Nixon. Yes, they preferred Nixon. I could go on.


Like the Biden family who refused to vote for Hillary? Haha.

Wasn’t aware of that. Was it a big story? Did they go public during the campaign?

Yeah, he campaigned to left of Hillary, mostly on hope and change.
Obama delivered no real change. But when he talked, most people forgot about who he really was. The environment is the only area I give him any credit. Policy wise, there’s very little difference between Hillary and Obama. Except if Hillary had worked on a health care plan, it would have been written much better than the ACA. Tom Dasche, the drug company’s lackey would not have had as much input as he did in guaranteeing the right of drug companies to raise their drug prices however much they wanted to in return for their support for the bill. Over 5,000 percent increase overnight was permissible if drug companies felt they needed it. The ACA might have been a start in the right direction had we not lost the House and eventually the Senate so they could not make the changes necessary to fix it. At he end of the day, with all its warts, the ACA will eventually be scorned by most and will make it harder for anyone else to implement any real change to the system. The first few couple years were great, eventually, it becomes less and less affordable with every passing year. I fully supported the ACA from its inception up until 2017, then I took off my rose colored glasses I was viewing it through.

The Consumer Protection Act was another good thing to happen under Obama. It was Liz Warren who was the driving force behind it, not Obama.

I read about it a while ago. Not sure whether it was big news in 2016 since I wasn’t that much into politics then.(
ETA: For folks who don’t wanna give dailywire a click, try this one:

This is good news.

Yes, he was dreadfully wrong.
Many on the far left are historically ignorant because they focus on the wrong parts of history in order to support their rigid ideological conclusions.

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Ok, the linked article is from this year. Was there any coverage in 2016?

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The stimulus was an example of hope and change. We prevented the Great Recession from becoming a much bigger catastrophe.