WSJ: Manhattan DA Expected To Charge Trump Org, CFO Weisselberg Thursday | Talking Points Memo

The Manhattan district attorney’s office is expected to charge the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, with tax-related crimes Thursday, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter.

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Trump pays all the legal fees in round one. If convicted it’s appealed, and Trump pays those fees. If the appeal is lost or denied keep repeating all the way to SCOTUS. If you lose there file an appeal based on an entirely new premise of innocence, and hope SCOTUS remands back to a lower court for reconsideration. IANAL, but some variation of the above.

Weisselberg dies at age 82, proceedings hung up somewhere in the courts, never serving a day in jail, never flipping on Trump.


I’m wondering who paid for Barron’s private school, and the various grand kids’ private schools.


I don’t think Barron has to declare his private school tuition as income. As to who paid for it, um, maybe his father.


Unfortunately, you’re probably right. Running out the clock works very well for white collar criminals in this country.


Hopefully that roost for everyone in the T**** Crime Family is in Hotel Graybar.


Reports in recent days have indicated that Weisselberg was likely to be charged, after Weisselberg reportedly refused to cooperate with the Manhattan DA’s years-long probe into Trump’s business practices.

Dude. You of all people should know that sooner or later, Trump will turn on you, no matter how loyal you remain, if there’s an advantage to his not reciprocating that loyalty.


I charges are filed today will be a very good day, despite it being 113F. In fact, maybe I’ll bake a cake in my mailbox.


And if he does go to jail the time will be served in a minimum security facility that is just shy of being a country club. Cable, WiFi, library, gym, unlimited visitations, individual “cell”, day pass releases for time with family and grandkids, conjugal visit rights, early release for good behavior


Tick-tock, motherfuckers…


I wonder if charging the org and not Trump also prevents Trump from using his PAC money haul to pay for his defense. I have no idea. Just wondering.


He can use his PAC money for whatever he wants.

The Trump Org attorney said this week that he expects the charges are limited to the improper, untaxed benefits provided to Weisselberg and other employees. I truly hope he’s just spinning bullshit and that the DA is putting everything on the table, like manipulation of property values for tax avoidance (which would make certain individuals culpable as well).

Also, this is encouraging:


I’ll take it as a nuisance and distraction from Donald Trump’s inevitable 2024 campaign. I don’t read much more into it than that. I want a whole lot more, but life’s a bitch. This country is bad at holding rich and powerful people accountable, just like every other society that has ever existed.


I would think that these are controlled “leaks” from the DA’s office, just to keep everyone abreast of what’s happening. It also doesn’t hurt to gauge the reactions of TrumpCo, to every leak. Can tell you a lot, what their reactions are.

My guess is that Allen holds out for a plea, either just before his trial or while the jury is sent out for deliberations.


Didn’t that same attorney scoff in disbelief that “this is all” that he has to defend because he expected so much more? I mean, even if true, maybe it means that there are more and other charges still to be filed and he isn’t looking far enough ahead.

Even so, when a lawyer is in disbelief that there aren’t much bigger and heavier charges levied, that seems like an admission that HOLEE SHIT how did they not charge him for XYZ and that this is just the tip of the crimin’ iceberg.


A knowledgable comment that I came across of late said that there are almost certain to be superseding indictments.
Presumably, increasing parts of the potpourri of possible charges will be covered in that way.


Fortunate then, that the DA doesn’t even need Allen.


Insert cajones, tighten vise.


O/T but please keep eating your own
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