WSJ: Cuomo Aides Subpoenaed In Sexual Harassment Investigation | Talking Points Memo

The New York state attorney general’s office has subpoenaed dozens of officials in the Cuomo administration, including top aide, Melissa DeRosa, for its investigation into sexual harassment claims against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

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“No one should be surprised that the AG’s office is issuing requests for documents and interviewing witnesses, including many who work for the governor,” Fishman said. “That happens in every investigation, and it’s wildly premature to speculate what it means. Good, thorough, and fair investigations take time.”

That’s Paul Fishman. He used to work in the Clinton DOJ and was appointed a US Attorney by Obama.

I was mildly surprised when he took this case. Good luck to him.


Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa:

“The last thing I would do in my day is call family members of healthcare workers who died and tell them I’m sorry for their pain, and then close the door, lay on the floor and cry,” she said. “I am not the one-dimensional person that has been portrayed in the press.”

I’m sure she’s three-dimensional and I hope she has a decent lawyer.


I would think Cancun Cruz’s trip to the border and his asinine description of what he was hearing while standing in the weeds a few yards from the Rio Grande river would have been a much more interesting lead story for the day.


Ted Cruz, Donald Trump with a Harvard law school degree. He also went to some Baptist school. Seems like a toxic mixture.


Cue the minimizers & obfuscators.

Oh, I see they’ve already started singing.


I don’t understand the reflexive support just because he’s a Dem. He’s already admitted to the substance of the complaints, so it’s not like he’s claiming he’s innocent here.

Saying that he was just joking, in 2021, is bullshit. There’s been way too much EO training in the last year’s to know that you don’t discuss your subordinates’ sex lives with them or try to pick them up.


I’ve always wrote that the investigation should be completed before we do a “high tech lynching”. Unlike you, I’m willing to wait to see what the investigation validates or invalidates.

Is waiting for the investigation to be completed before we preemptively find him guilty of all accusations reflexive support?
Or could one say that finding him guilty by what you’ve read in the media a reflexive lynching impulse? I’m on the fence until the investigation is complete. And I’m done on this thread. Have a pleasant day. :zipper_mouth_face:


Cruz to Mexico: “I wish I knew how to quit you.”


Trump is actually a reasonable facsimile of a populist thug. Cruz is the guy Trump had his goons beat up every day after prep school let out. That’s before he was accepted to acting school after his straight audition as Brando in On The Waterfront was interpreted as brilliant satire.


When he admits that he’s said the stuff but was “just joking” and people “misunderstood” him, naw, don’t need to wait to find out if every claim is 100% accurate.

“Jokes” about your subordinates’ sex lives have been off the table for a good couple of decades by now.

Anyone who doesn’t get that that’s no longer appropriate behavior in the workplace should do themselves and their subordinates a favor and retire.


I have come to the conclusion that Ted Cruz is not a smart man at all. He’s a very stupid man. Only a stupid man would claim that Mexico and Mexicans are all dangerous after taking a vacation in Mexico while Texans froze to death to the tune of over 111.


This isn’t a lynching of any kind. The claims made against him are being investigated and he will face an impeachment trial. Due process is necessarily not part of a lynching. Choosing to believe the half dozen women who have come forward, at least one of which came forward immediately following the incident, isn’t unfair either. We’re not part of a jury and we as regular folk have every right to speculate whether we think he’s guilty or innocent.


I’m pretty sure that so far he has not exactly claimed he wasn’t guilty, just that he didn’t mean anything by it.


He thought Mexico was so dangerous that he left his wife and young children down there to fend for themselves


He thought Mexico was so dangerous that he left his wife and young children down there to fend for themselves

Chivalry is not Ted.


Yes - excellent point. Better than mine.


I dunno Steve Daines maybe giving them all a run for the title of dumbest Senator. He seems to be promoting good old fashioned Montana Meth here.


And don’t forget: “These lazy immigrants are coming here to live off unemployment AND take our jobs!”


Yeah I saw that and thought - What? I’m afraid there is a whole lot of competition for dumbest senator and let’s not even get started on dumbest Representative. hahahahaha