Whistleblower’s Lawyer Sends WH Cease And Desist

The whistleblower’s lawyer sent the White House a cease and desist letter Thursday, warning that the President’s constant stream of vitriol is putting his client in “physical danger.”

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Trump and his regime’s consigliere are lawless. How will a cease and desist letter from a lawyer have any impact?


That’s right! I entirely forgot about executive privilege for immunity of crimes committed when instructed by the President.

I really want to mark this as snark, but you just know with these dangerous clowns that it’s only a matter of time.


Ah, these things sure do take on a life of their own. It’s just like the “Who promoted Peress?” fad that broke out during the McCarthyism period.


I agree with the practical reality here, but the lawyer has got to do this for his client at the very least.


When illegal actions cease to have lawful relevance - these actions then are tried in the court of public opinion.

This is what we’re dealing with.

No one - it seems - is ever going to pay a price for ignoring subpoenas or outing a whistleblower - therefore the payoff - tilting public opinion, managing the ‘narrative’ - is absolutely worth the so-called ‘risk’ of breaking the law.

Back that up with a wink and a nod at a presidential pardon and it’s the “Wild West Whitehouse”.

The ‘party of personal responsibility’ - has none. Just as they have no ‘family values’ and only ‘paper patriotism’. These fuckers have always ALWAYS viewed Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual, not a cautionary tale.


IANAL but I assume people sue the federal government all the time. There is a law protecting the WB from retaliation that may not be enforced because of, well, Billy Barr.

Is there a benefit of establishing that you told them to cut it out for future civil lawsuits when the WB or his family are harassed or injured or their property/reputation is damaged?


Expecting the counter suit to be announced via Twitter any minute


Writing respectfully to a pig like Trump is a wasted effort.


It will go on untill Trump is out of office.


This letter speaks for itself, but it also adds to the legal record. Trump and his surrogates cannot claim that they weren’t warned or otherwise apprised of the legal and other perils they put themselves in by their actions. Should things escalate, such a letter adds to the proof of recklessness in the event of a lawsuit. Trump’s attorneys know all this and they’ll be telling Trump that he needs to cool it, and that he should tell others to do so also. What Trump is advocating is flat out against the laws which he’s sworn to uphold.

Not that Trump will necessarily listen, because lashing out is part of Trump’s modus operandi, part of his very nature, his mien. But, again, if he continues this tack and/or escalates matters, the next step for the whistleblowers is a lawsuit, hopefully not one resulting from any sort of actual attack on the whistleblower, but should one occur, Trump will be sued big time.


I can shoot any WBs without losing the support of a voter…
In fact some of them will shoot the WBs for me…
And in fact, some MAGAt has already sent bombs to my opponents…
And more fact than I care to say, some has already massacred those brown people for me…
Another of my “PERFECT“ crimes
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“I am writing to respectfully request that you counsel your client on the legal and ethical peril in which he is placing himself…”

What legal peril? He can’t be arrested or tried for any crimes. Trump can personally reveal the name to no legal detriment whatsoever. It’s not a crime to reveal the name in the first place.
Trump can even encourage others to harm or kill the whistleblower to no legal detriment. He’s literally above the law, based on the OLC opinion a sitting President can’t be bothered with obeying the laws.


Can’t say I agree but definitely a thought path to consider. Thanks. The Hive is part of my keeping my mind exercised.


You said it better. :+1:


Well said.

When there is so much out there demonstrating Trump’s lawlessness, what’s an extra B-29 gonna hurt?


And then some, unfortunately. The Press will follow his tweets after he leaves, too, because who doesn’t want to be reminded of how vulgar and stupid he is?


O/T: Erdogan’s visit should be nice… But this is new, that his folks actually fought U.S. folks. Holy shit.


If the WH continues its vitriol AND something happens to the whistleblower --or even to someone else who is thought to be the whistleblower-- it’s grounds for a civil suit.


All of the pitchforks I have seen are on the Republican side, and the biggest ones are being wielded by the most powerful people in our nation. No one can punch down like a powerful Republican - no one.