What To Know About Georgia’s Hand-Count Audit—And The GOP’s Preemptive Attacks On It | Talking Points Memo

As Georgia’s hand-count audit of its presidential contest gets underway, the state Republican Party is already making misleading complaints about how state is handling the process — a sign of how committed the GOP is to sowing doubt about Joe Biden’s win, regardless of the thoroughness of the verification measures to to confirm his victory.

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I fuck’n’ hate the GOP. If they could figure out a way, they’d have no problem bringing back slavery and child labor. Bunch of anti democratic pussweevils.


A Republican SOS conducts a recount in a largely red state where Biden won by about 14,000, yet he and all of the Republicans running the state are deliberately hiding voter fraud? Um… okay.


Good report, however it seems to miss one key detail-- so what happens if the count can’t be complete before the certification date or Trump formally demands the recount mentioned? Are the Biden eletors in danger of not being eventually certified on a technicality?

This is the key question.


Insert Shruggie here:

If you were a real friend, you’d tell him he’s making a goddamn fool of himself on top of everything else. But he has no friends, and the concept of making a fool of one’s self as a thing to be avoided isn’t one you well understand.


“I would hope that common sense would prevail,”

I think I located the problem, right here!


Actually, they did. For now it’s restricted to Foxconn factories overseas, but we should keep as eye out on these f*ckers as we push them to move the factories back here…


This just in

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA–United States is celebrating a full week of Donald J. Trump not talking, Americans have confirmed.

From coast to coast, Americans are savoring their freedom from Trump’s utterances for the first time since 2015.

“As much as I wanted Trump to lose, I had no idea that losing would make him stop talking,” Carol Foyler, who lives in Pittsburgh, said. “I feel like I’ve won the lottery.”

Tracy Klugian, who lives in Minneapolis, was more guarded in her ecstasy. “I want to celebrate Trump not talking, but I guess I’m afraid to,” she said. “He’s been quiet for a week, and I don’t want to do anything to jinx that.”

But Harland Dorrinson, a resident of St. Louis, felt that an occasion as momentous as Trump being silent for a week “must be honored.”

“I believe that we’re living through an important moment in history,” he said. “Someday, people will ask, ‘Where were you when Donald Trump stopped talking?’ ”

You guessed it, right?


Do they even save the outside envelopes? And even if they do, they can’t trace the envelope to an actual ballot.

Unless a mail in ballot is challenged in real time and set aside for adjudication, once the outer envelope with the voter’s information and signature is checked against the voter registration database, the so-called secrecy envelope containing the actual ballot is opened, and the ballot is flattened out and placed in the queue for tabulation, then it is “game over” for challenges to that ballot.

Some of the commentators on the right are perpetuating the fantasy that the outer envelopes of mail in ballots can somehow be retrieved and matched up with a ballot that has been tabulated so that some sort of after the fact forensic analysis can be done. But that’s not how it works. And recounts typically only change a handful of votes.


What could possibly be the reason for the Republicans to want to delay the start of counting the votes until Monday? I just can’t imagine.


Continued efforts to muddy the waters and sow confusion and distrust in our electoral system. Putin is pleased.


“Certifiction” is a nice touch.


Warning, USA. A gang of vandals disguised as a political party is loose in our electoral process.


I also worry about recounts and lawsuits delaying certification by states, which could open the door to GOP controlled-state legislatures appointing pro Trump electors where he did not win the popular vote. This article shows how this won’t happen, but until then the Trump Show can try and pretend its a cliffhanger. Its not really about winning at this point, its about trying to get the base not to change the channel.


My favorite thing today is reading he’s too humiliated to be seen in public.

hahahahahahaha ah schadenfreude on a Friday morning…so so good.


Well apparently some of my neighborhood deer are right now having sit down protest in my backyard because the Donald isn’t talking.


“I would hope that common sense would prevail,” Sterling said Thursday,

Did Sterling just wake up from a 20 year coma? I suspect there’ll be a recount, then a recount of the recount, followed by calls for a special election to elect a new guy to call for a special election.


Noticed that. Amusing but seriously it sounds to me like Trump thinks that states will just give him his electors anyway because he wants it so much. That’s not actually being a realist.


I’d like a cross check of the names of the of those challenging the results in law suits, and other forms of protests, against the lists of current and all former poll workers.


“I would hope that common sense would prevail,” Sterling said Thursday, as the chances of a computer recount changing a result already confirmed by hand are “slim to none.”

When you are talking about common sense and Donald Trump the odds are always “slim to none.”