WH Says It’s ‘Working The Phones’ Like Tanden As Chances Of Confirmation Dwindle | Talking Points Memo

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday said that the Biden administration is standing by Neera Tanden, the President’s nominee for Office of Management and Budget director, and is focused on working toward Tanden’s confirmation even after more Republican senators have come out against the nominee.

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It would be so easy for Murkowski to support her by pointing out the gendered double-standard of tweet inquisition.


In the normal scenario, leadership gives senators a pass to vote against something unpopular back home – especially in red states – only after calculating that it’s going to pass anyway.

Would Manchin have publicly come out against Tanden like this without knowing she has a GOP vote somewhere?

I guess time will tell…


Regardless of how this particular issue is resolved…Psaki has returned an air of usefulness to the press room process that we didnt miss until reminded of its purpose and the role of the press behaving in a responsible authentic manner.


Let. Her. Go.

Shalanda Young is more than qualified and far less contentious for a position that demands at least the appearance of political independence.

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So … Murkowski has not heard from the White House? … because … everyone’s sleeves are rolled up?


Would Manchin have publicly come out against Tanden like this without knowing she has a GOP vote somewhere?

That seems to be the operative question given Tanden’s “it’s only a flesh-wound” persistence.


It’s a fair question to ask, but Manchin does need to kill a hostage every once in a while to make his hostage-taking legislative strategy work. Neera Tanden may be the price we pay for a $10 minimum wage.


I think Biden is correct to stand by her. Women and in particular women of color are the core of the Democratic party now. And they have long memories; certainly as long as 2022. Better to have her nomination lose in the Senate and have the rancor directed towards the hypocrites and liars in the GOP and the execrable gadfly, Manchin, than at Biden for having abandoned Tanden to placate the easily bruised feelings of the snowflakes and buttercups of the rabid right.


Neera Tanden may be the price we pay for a $10 minimum wage.

Doesn’t he have plenty of votes to distinguish himself from the D pack without having to stall an important nomination?


Killing this hostage gives him credibility when he tells Schumer that he absolutely cannot vote for the relief package unless the minimum wage goes no higher than $10. It’s not posturing for the voters in WV. It’s posturing for position with the rest of the Dem caucus.


Has anyone put forth a single reason why Tanden’s nomination is in any way critical?


To reiterate @ralph_vonholst’s wise rationale, Tanden is Biden’s first (& thus in his estimation) most qualified candidate, & to roll over, back off, reassess at the first sign of resistance would set a horrible precedent for future nominees & future policies. Work the phones, bend the arms, converse & cajole, & if those diplomatic efforts fail, you’ve shown you are willing to back-up your judgment with action & conviction.

Now if she were found to be unfit for the position because of some disqualifying revelation … fine, pull her name & move onto the next one. But that’s clearly not the case here.

Win or lose, it’ll all be resolved in the next few days.


There ya go. When life’s getting you down, give a little whistle and shake down some folks.

ETA. You see where this is going.

Trump should have been convicted in a rational world.


I agree that, politics aside for the moment, Tanden’s nomination is not critical in any substantive sense.

Her political views are not particularly progressive. She’s a mainstream Clinton Democrat, and she’s smart, and there are plenty more like her, many of them more qualified for this particular position than she is. Some even resemble her quite closely.

But going back to politics … one can ask whether it’s wise to grant Manchin and the Republicans this trophy. I see arguments pro and con but, as I have said, I really don’t like retreating in the face of such obvious hypocrisy and disingenuousness, especially if there is a way not to.


Hey, that’s not how I remember that song.


Home Run Post


We are still coming out of our Trump PTSD. We will do much better if we act like the rookie Special Teams back who takes the kickoff at the goal line the first time he has ever touched the ball in a football game, bobs and weaves at the 25, turns in the flat and jukes a linebacker and, from midfield, does a sprint down the sidelines to the goal…

Scores…and then hands the ball politely to the ref.

We need to act like we OWN the GOP


Possibly apocryphal story about Bill Snyder, the coach who made Kansas State football a contender in the Big 8 (and later the Big Some Number That Isn’t 12) conference.

After a touchdown, the player who scored got an unsportsmanlike conduct foul. Snyder was neither impressed nor amused. In a team meeting, he told the entire team, “I know you’re happy when you score. We are all happy when you score. But please, act like you’ve been there before.”


Yes… I do hope this is partly for show and not really what they presenting.