Warren Goes Hard After Bloomberg And Rest Of Dem Field At Debate | Talking Points Memo

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) came out swinging during Wednesday’s Democratic primary debate, delivering a barrage of zingers at several of her competitors on stage, most notably former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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They’re serving Barbecue Bloomberg tonight in Vegas and everyone appears to be feasting.


He needs to retire that Resting Bloomberg Face and smile a bit more.


He was just too low energy


Dumbest move ever to Gang up on Bloomberg. He’s not on ballot.

Buttigieg has more delegates than Bernie.

Those are the folks who the candidates should have ganged up on.

Super Tuesday is in less than two weeks. 600,000 votes have already been cast in California. If you don’t take Bloomberg down now, then when?


Elizabeth Warren was taking scalps tonight! :two_hearts::heart::two_hearts:


I had to be at a meeting and didn’t see this, but I will say I’ve always thought Warren was a natural born fighter. It’s just an obvious thing, when you see it, from Nelson’s “Never mind maneuvers; always go straight at 'em” to the toughest little dog or cat you ever saw, the kind that just go straight at 'em themselves. And she’s always been in there fighting for regular folks. Honest to God we could do worse. We could do one hell of a lot worse. So I hope this means something.


They all should have been attacking Bernie.
He is leading polls in California.

Thank God Bloomberg is leader in VA, AK, NC.

These folks don’t get he who holds most delegates wins!
Attacking Buttigieg & Sanders was far more strategic.


Yes she did! Skinned it clean.

But the wrong one.

We needed Bernie & Buttigieg scalped. Ugh

Brokered convention for sure.

She didn’t go after Sanders at all, however.

It felt pretty much like she was being Sanders attack dog at times, quite frankly.


Y Apparently Elizabeth had an appetite for an ad or two, specifically Mike’s. Overplayed your hand, came across as a visceral harpy. Besides is not presidential material.

Pete was smug. The only adult on stage was Joe Biden.

It was very uncomfortable to watch I ended up turning the station. Graph if Democrats can’t act like adults they shouldn’t debate. Stop these crazhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjoDEQqyTig
y debates they’re worthless.


Biden definitely had a good night.

They need to ask questions on foreign policy & national security as tht is where POTUS has power to bring change while Mitch leads Senate.

M4A is going nowhere long as MoscowMitch leads the Senate, neither is immigration policy.

All the stuff Sanders & Buttigieg talk about is dead on arrival as legislation, it’s a pipe dream without Senate Dem majority.

We need to start having debate question focus on stuff the POTUS actually has power to do.

Bernie is so polarizing that debates were very feisty.
I agree with Buttigieg his anger & fervency motivates conflict not unity.

Sanders is worse thing that can happen.


I’ve heard many people suggest that she should go after Sanders, but imo the best way to get his voters is to attack moderates (not that there’re many who would switch to her, but she has to fight moderates to get their trust). If she goes after him, she might get some moderate voters tho. I actually think the latter strategy is more doable, but maybe she thinks otherwise.


I can see:
Elizabeth Warren as President
Amy Klobuchar as VP
Kamala Harris as AG

Wow, I must be some kind of feminist.


Warren is the only candidate who brings everything together. She was right to start immediately with Bloomberg; he never recovered.

Watching him I realized he would probably lose a debate with Trump. That is deeply scary.


Personally, she reminded me what hope feels like.


Dems err by being too aggressive, whether against each other or against Repubs. Voters don’t like that. They want optimism, bipartisanship and compromise, not anger. Very bad move by Warren and the rest.

Dems have to fight and by hyper-aggressive against Trump & Repubs, and what better way to prove that they can be than by first going at each other. Good for Warren. Good for them. Fight!

Try and reconcile these two opposed viewpoints being put out simulaneously by pundits. I sure can’t. And for the record, I’m with the latter approach.


I can see:
Elizabeth Warren as President
Amy Klobuchar as VP
Kamala Harris as AG

I can see their campaign slogan now:

Nail Down Every Toilet Seat In America!

I’m very pro Warren but she will need a very serious man with military ties for a Vice.