Voting Rights Advocates Are Preparing To Protect Against Voter Intimidation At Polls | Talking Points Memo

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Voting rights advocates and state officials are on high alert over fears that U.S. polling stations could attract the same strain of partisan violence and civil unrest that erupted on American streets this year, fueled by a deadly pandemic, outrage over police brutality and one of the most contentious elections ever.

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I used to enjoy serving as a Planned Parenthood escort. Planning to serve analogously on Election Day, here in the North Berkshires.


Anti-government extremists and other armed civilians have flocked to protests against racial injustice and COVID-19 lockdowns.”

While each group is a potential threat in proximity to a specific locality, the rhetoric magnifies their size and footprint. Saying it like this as in so many other ways lately, conveys power upon them that they really do not have. They are so out numbered that it is silly. Sure, guns are intimidating. But up against thousands, they would be advised to stay home themselves.

I find this video compelling in telling us what the other side of the equation is willing to do and their size.

Not bad for a
ghost town.

Errol Louis (@errollouis) October
24, 2020

This blends into what happens if Trump does steal the election. It is not over by a long shot. The paradigm will change to what comes next. I do not think the Republicans have a clue as to what that means. They simply think, steal the election and it is done, forever. Not a single sign has been given that they are prepared for an enraged population. This population may have been apathetic and uninvolved, but that is no longer a functional thought. And it is not a population that has historically been able to be cowed in the long term. All those people standing in the endless seeming line are not going to go Okay, it is done, he stole it, we lost, time to go home and call an Uber.


“The thought is that when people see ministers with their clergy collars on, or with their stoles, people who are concerned about violence are more apt to be comforted — and the ones who might perpetrate the violence might maybe pull back little bit,”

This reminds me of something I read about awhile back, that people are more likely to vote D when polling places are in schools and R when in in churches.

That said, I wish more voting places were in schools.


OT - yes … but interesting …


I don’t know why anyone ever voted for Lindsey.


I just sent a tip email to TPM about the fact that facing a State Attorney General investigation in MN, Atlas Aegis has cancelled its plan to hire “security” for MN polling sites.


I am heartened by the degree of push back Democrats are bringing to this fight. Obviously the RW was not expecting us to fight back. In your face, assholes. :grin:


I heard Biden speaking to this on a special Pod Save America podcast released this morning. He gave out a phone number to call (that I don’t recall) and has an army of lawyers ready for all contingencies. The ACLU is also on guard. We’re well prepared this time, folks, because it’s for keeps.


Except for a small minority of the crazy Trumpers, I think it probably was a bipartisan majority of Minnesotans who opposed this although led by us Democrats. Comments on related articles all seem to be in agreement, for a change.


state officials are on high alert over fears that U.S. polling stations could attract the same strain of partisan violence and civil unrest

The calm voice of reason in the person of Donald J. Trump should allay all fears.

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In addition to the ACLU, go on line for your state, refer to the Brennan Centers report on Poll Watching, or try George Town Law School’s ICAP report on laws preventing intimidation by private militias in the 50 states. There’s a lot out there and the main problem is making people aware of the resources and the laws against intimidation. One other potential difficulty in some areas will be the willingness of law enforcement to get involved.

Almost certainly Biden was referring to 866-OUR-VOTE. They have Election Protection teams in every state. In my state, I’m one of the backup volunteers handling calls that don’t entail legal issues.


TLQ, personally, I’d question the causation v. correlation of this observation.

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@rob_beatty_walters, during normal times, in many states you don’t get to choose where you vote on Election Day. If your home precinct sets up its polling place in a church, then that’s where you have to go, regardless of voting preference.

But now you’ve got me wondering: do Republican neighborhoods have more churches, and therefore they’re likelier to be used as polling places…?

Meanwhile, in Democratic Tucson, Arizona, Sheriff’s Deputies are being removed from the polls because the Dems fear that is intimidation. Intramural dispute, apparently.

What that is all about I don’t know.

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I will not be intimidated. Why you ask?
I have already voted and my ballot has been verified, counted and then tabulated. Ain’t nuthin’ a Proud Boy gonna be able to do about it. Assuming they haven’t any real hacking expertice.


Got a really nice postcard from my state election board yesterday,thanking me for voting and also confirming my vote will count.


So AP, quite unsurprisingly, accepts the say-so of the security agency the gun-toting guard works for and the county sheriff who is also on record as stating that gun-toting bros next to a polling place wasn’t intimidating regardless.

Way to do your homework AP.


I have to admit: Computer hacking by Proud Boys is one of the few things I’m not worried about right now.