Vaccine Skepticism And A Failed Coup: How Disinformation Is Striking Back

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Granted, Facebook has millions of on-line experts posting everyday on everything, but I still I weep for the portion of the country that gets ALL of its “news” from Facebook.


Ignorant, moronic fools. You cannot fix stupid. Will it take wholesale dying to ‘convince’ them? Will it ALWAYS be a government plot to kill them? SMDH.


I enjoy the videos of the True Believers when they end up in a hospital bed pleading with others not to be stupid like they were and to wear a mask because it’s real.

Fuck 'em.


I expect that as more people get the vaccine (which the administration is trying to hamstring as much as possible), the new line will be that Biden is keeping the vaccine from conservatives, and that the virus itself was engineered to kill as many conservatives as possible, since this is the only way they can win a election (aside from stealing it, of course).


I hear people suffocate if they wear masks too long.


I hear people talking about facebook and the news as if they are interchangeable. That’s a problem. The phone as Oracle.


I have been retired a while.
Back then people many people lived in a world of disinformation.
This was common, " You are married to a educated woman what does she think?".
“No that’s not right.”

The Catholic conspiracy theorists follow the Fatima project. The latest on the vaccine? Population control! Yep, birth control that works on both men AND women! As far as they are concerned, there is only one vaccine.

Now, knowing American capitalism, if a company developed an effective birth control that worked for both men and women, the sure as hell wouldn’t put it into something that is being given away for free.


According to my mother in law (all news from Fox and Facebook), if you get any emails about Trump losing (conceding, something, I tuned out) don’t open it, it’s a virus.


That’s a twist on the neurosis I havn’t heard before.


Trust me…she did not come up with that one on her own.


Steven Brandenburg still has not been charged as of yesterday:

Following his arrest, Brandenburg was ordered held on $10,000 bond.

He has not yet been criminally charged, as prosecutors have said they need to determine the extent of the damage to the exposed vaccines before filing charges.

It’s possible he won’t be either. Wouldn’t bet either way. I can see a very hard path to conviction with a jury taking into consideration all the misinformation about vaccines. How they going to determine the extent of the damage to the vaccine? As I understand it, they vaccinated people with it. He did have his license suspended yesterday by the state.


I got my quick-COVID test results about a half hour ago in response to a close call over the weekend while taking my daughter back to her University. It was negative, but I will still be self-quarantining until next Thursday because Science.


Until we manage to separate disinformation from free speech - we are fucked.


This past year has been supreme frustrating…it seems like I have spent the entire year debunking nonsense on Facebook and among friends and family. I’m a scientist, and while that doesn’t make one immune to the garbage (or keep one from falling for left wing nonsense), I work really hard to stay based in facts. It’s a lot easier since I’ve been trained to think critically, and some of the lines are just blindingly obvious…but people fall for it, and the fact that the lies can be spun into a fantastic story while the truth is boring really does have something to do with it.

Our education system really has let us down, people just aren’t thinking about things, and then when you layer on social media and its need to share to make it money things just get out of control. Facts really have to start to matter again, the dichotomy between the factual world and the fairy tales can’t last if this nation is going to survive.


According to Chris Hays on msnbc the " vaccine reserve" the trump people said they had for second shots is nonexistent.
they lied again
No plan
They did zero, nothing. NOTHING
It’s criminal
Remember when donald said it would be a miracle the way it’d fade away? In warm weather??


I miss the good old days when people could get their conspiracy fix from The National Enquirer. They’d review Bigfoot’s latest misadventures, check out the 2 headed alien baby, have a few chuckles, and put their fantasy mag away for another day.




If a death rate equivalent to EIGHT fully loaded 747s crashing every day doesn’t “convince” them, nothing will…unless they lose internet service. Sht gets real when you can’t get a mainline hit of Internet ignorance and bigotry to reinforce your own.