Two GOPers Lash Out At Notion That Ashli Babbitt Was A Martyr | Talking Points Memo

As the far right continues its bid to make a martyr out of Ashli Babbitt, two Republican members of Congress have said in recent days that her killing was justified.

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When you have staunch conservatives from OK and ND conceding the truth about certain aspects of 1/6, it feels like the tide is finally shifting.

This has gotta be driving the Orange Shitgibbon out of his tiny little mind.

More please…


These two will be drummed out of the party post-haste. The primary candidates are already being groomed.

It’s a real shame that truth has no home with the party faithful.


By the logic of those suggesting that Ashli Babbitt was a martyr, it would follow, and they would have to agree, that Osama bin Laden and Timothy McVeigh were martyrs.


Pope wears funny hat.

Squirrels poop in trees.

Stepping on a Lego with a bare foot hurts more than child birth.

Ashli Babbit’s death was justified.


“Act For America has moved on from its traditional anti-Muslim messaging to demand the name of the person who ‘murdered’ Babbitt.”

And that name would, of course, be “Ashli Babbitt”.


I’m very tired of the hypocrisy of the RWNJs saying that what we need is more guns and then getting their panties twisted when someone actually uses one to enforce the law.


It’s not just a theory that the cop who righteously shot the terrorist Ashli Babbitt is black. It’s on video.


In any other setting, charging police with their guns drawn, as part of an angry mob would be ruled as justified use of force if not suicide by cop.


Babbitt’s ‘martyrdom’ is all part of the white-wing dolchstoßlegende: it’s logic is the logic of ethnic nationalism and insurrection as an explanation for why those who follow that logic have not been triumphant; they were betrayed.

ETA: In this case, the betrayal is by those refusing to dox the officer who shot their latest Joan of Arc.


I hope so. Certainly we’re far beyond the place where you can safely indulge your lies and fantasies. This was a life and death situation where a frenzied crowd was smashing through the last doorway between themselves and their would-be victims. They failed to do exactly what every god-damned wingnut critic of the Black Lives Matter recommends—do what the cop says and you won’t get hurt. Everywhere I know of in this country, deadly force can be used to stop a person who presents a threat of grievous bodily harm. If you smash through a door as part of a rioting mob, that’s you. It doesn’t matter that you were this nice lady at home, known for your homemade mac and cheese and so forth. And it looks like trying to make a martyr out of this person is finally enough for some of these people. I do hope the tide that’s carried so many so far from the shores of reason and common sense is indeed beginning to turn. It’s not too soon, boy.


New Republican Law

Everyone has the right to own a gun.
Only Republicans may shoot them.


It sure looked like a totally justified " Stand Your Ground" shooting to me, right R’s?


Suicide by tourism.


My dad, who had large feet, remembered well into old age the time my sister or I left jacks out on the floor. :foot:


Especially as part of a violent insurrection? I was surprised there weren’t more shots fired, but apparently the cops figured (understandably) they’d be outgunned by the mob.


Double Down 102 (Second Semester)

It can work swimmingly in a totalitarian regime. But thanks to the fact that the job Trump did on our System took far longer than a Campaign and One Presidential Term, doubling down on doofus claims can backfire. To the Max.


Your late brother Jack?


The tide will only shift if and when the House Jan 6th Insurrection committee uncovers evidence of collusion or a coverup regarding Trump’s actions, those of his Cabinet, and any actively serving members of the House and Senate who aided the insurrectionists, and when those individuals are then publicly prosecuted to the full extent of existing US laws. Only then can the Republican Party even attempt to remain a viable political party. This is too serious an event to allow anyone culpable to avoid punishment. It’s been 50+ years of poor choices by Republican leadership, but they made their decisions by choice, not default. Stay the course.


The party of Honest Abe died with Liar Trump.