Trump Smacked With A Fine And The Prospect Of A Renewed Gag Order

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Anybody think this is a bad idea?? Anybody
Senate adopts gun provision among amendments to spending bill (

. Provisions now part of the three-bill spending minibus include an amendment offered by Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., that would preserve gun rights for veterans deemed mentally unfit to manage their benefits. Opponents warn the provision will lead to an increase in suicides.


Yeah, I got nothing.
Meow. Vroom…


I’m sure the good Senator just proposed that as a cost-saving measure.


Critics Sock Sean Hannity Over His Bizarre Personal ‘Plan’ For Mass Shootings (

Sean Hannity had one combat sport in mind while outlining how he gears up for potential shootings just hours after a mass killing in Maine left at least 16 people dead on Wednesday.

“And then I always ask the question – when something like this happens, what is your plan? What do you do? I have a personal security plan. I train in mixed martial arts,” the Fox News host mentioned in an interview with GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley.

Hannity on mass shooting: What is your plan? What do you do? I have a personal security plan. I train in mixed martial arts.

— Acyn (@Acyn) October 26, 2023

No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen


Republicans’ new plan to stop mass shootings: Karate chop the AR-15s.

Yes, he trains to block bullets with his body. ![:laughing:](https://abs-

This is an interesting new argument from Republicans who are against gun safety: The only thing that can fight bad people with guns are good people who know MMA. #Lewiston

David Corn


Hannity says a good guy with a karate chop can beat a bad guy with a gun.


Any bets on how long it is before Hair Furor ends up in the hoosegow?


So which one of us is going to purchase the head of lettuce by which to measure the new speaker’s term?


Sounds like Hannity has had too many karate chops to the head. What an effing moron.


Or Bowling alley shootings.


Might want to look into this one!
I am not sure we are enlisting our best!
Marine Vet Coats Bullets in Bacon in Warning Video to ‘Jihadists’ (

AU.S. Marine veteran shared a video on social media where he is seen covering bullets in bacon as a warning to 'jihadists" amid the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants.

On Instagram, U.S. Marine veteran Steven Gern posted a video on October 14 with a caption that reads, “Where’s all you Jihadist? Let’s get this Jihad going.”

In the video, Gern is holding a gun with bullets placed in front of him as he says, “I was just asking about the jihadists, man…when do ya’ll plan on getting this frigging jihad kicked off?”

“We’re ready, so I was just wondering when you all plan on getting this ready,” Gern says before showing a piece of bacon and rubbing it on the bullets. “I mean, I’m just asking when you want to get this jihad going because we’re ready. We are ready. So whenever you’re ready, let us know, so we can get started. Don’t worry, got a little pig fat for you.”


WRT Bowman, whatever happened to “can’t be charged with a crime while en route to voting” for congresscritters? Or is that only freedom from arrest, rather than freedom from being charged? In which case, why weren’t various congressional DUIs or other transgressions charged after the fact?


notwithstanding the current events in Maine.


"Righteousness is a wide path. Self-righteousness is a bullhorn and a blindfold."


Are you from Grand Rapids or Peoria?

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Bowman To Be Arraigned For Pulling Fire Alarm

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) was charged criminally in DC for pulling a fire alarm in a House office building before a hurried vote last month.

Under an arrangement already worked out, Bowman will pay a $1,000 fine and apologize to Capitol Police and the charge will be dropped after three months.

This is nothing compared to the litigation that Pelosi will face for tearing up TIFG’s State of the Onion address.

Prosecuted to the full extent of the law and jailed for life, will be the proposition. Bet on it.


Opponents are worried about increased numbers of suicides?? The bigger worry is increased instance of mass slaughters of innocent people just going about their daily lives.



The twelfth of Never.


Senator Foghorn Leghorn pretends to be wise with his faux country manner, masking his calcified stupidity.


Oh, hell, that’s just the price of Freedom… [/s]

They’ve been using that since well before Sandy Hook.

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