Trump Says He Doesn’t Believe Sanders Made Sexist Comment: ‘It’s Not Kind Of A Thing He’d Say’

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump expressed support for 2020 rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) amid the controversy over whether Sanders had told Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in December 2018 that a woman couldn’t win the 2020 race.

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He wants to run against Bernie.


A Trumpian, “Don’t throw me in the briar patch.”


Agreed… he thinks he has the best chance against Bernie. Not a Bernie fan, but anyone who runs on D ticket who is against tRump has my vote


‘It’s Not Kind Of A Thing He’d Say’.

Did anyone see him speak the words? I know they seem appropriately word-salad-ed.
But are we at a Ronnie Raygun Junction-- where Nancy and Don Regan became the actual sources for anything put into print?

At minimum-- he’s being told when to say what.
Well, except when he locks the bathroom door and he’s alone with his iPhone.



And, we care what tRump says about this, why?


I don’t thank this is a sexist statement, remember that Warren and Sanders were talking about the election. I think Sanders said this to warn Warren not to run, so he can get this policy issues that they share by himself. Sanders was trying to get Warren not to run, And Warren was waiting for Sanders to attack her, then she just said what he said but the Media is just saying he stated that women can’t win. Not true, he knows it, but just trying to stop Warren.


Not sure that is quite it. He wants to, as in 2016, peel off enough Bernie supporters, or have them stay home, to win the election.

Fox and Trump are already on the “Bernie is being wronged by the Democrats” and “Bernie is the victim of dirty tricks by [eventual nominee]” train.


And there’s no way that Donald thought this strategically. This is some onion like Conway or Scavino (or Putin) instructing him.


Two possibilities.

  1. Trump is giving the kiss of death to Bernie. What could be better for anyone than to have Trump endorse your treatment of women.
  2. He is trying to boost Bernie because it will hurt Warren (and he probably feels Biden will still beat Sanders in the end). With either Sanders or Biden Trump could likely turn the campaign into an old man yelling match. Warren will not be drug into that and old man yelling at soft spoken (but brutally critical and witty) grandma is going to look terrible.

It has to be the second option. The first option requires an understanding of how odious Trump is to most of the country, and that is beyond his self awareness.


Only to parse the opposing strategy. You don’t consider truth when you talk about Trump statements, only motivations.


Absolutely. IMPOTUS wouldn’t recognize a sexist statement if it wore a t-shirt saying “I am a sexist statement.” Somebody told him to say this.


Agree he’s just trying to sow conflict within the Democratic party and get the Bernie supporters outraged about his eventual loss, but really …

"I don’t believe that Bernie said that,” Trump said. “I really don’t. It’s not kind of a thing he’d say.”

And you’ve had exactly how many conversations with Bernie about a woman running for president? Or about any other topic?


My read is different.

He wants to split the left to keep Biden afloat.

He (and Russia) have already laid out their plan of attack regarding Biden. It will be BullShit, but the Republican base is primed for this one so they are easy marks.


Pelosi is scheduled to announce at 10 a.m. who the impeachment managers will be, two being Nadler and Schiff.


I am in the Warren camp, but I like Bernie. I think the media coverage has been silly and dishonest. We are playing the same games of trying to invent a scandal so they have something interesting to cover on both sides. They did this constantly with Obama and it is now a joke to look back on his non scandals the media tried to drum up. Outrage sells.
Even from the leaked quotes all that seems to be said is that the odds are stacked against women. That’s not sexiest, that’s truth. Even when a woman wins we don’t let her actually win. Politics ain’t beanbag. Any politician who isn’t ready to discuss race, religion, gender, etc. Openly in a strategy session and how it will play with voters, isn’t ready to hold office.
I am not happy that Warren seems to be feeding this, but I get it. She is slumping in the polls and needs back into the spotlight. And our short attention spans and our need for outrage over every detail keep us from having useful discussions in our media. In the end we get the government we deserve.


Let’s not forget that a woman already won the POPULAR vote for POTUS!

That said, the aspiring war criminal IMPotus is always up to his malicious tricks, one of which is divide and conquer.

That aside, hasn’t the fourth estate learned anything from 2016 and that they are now the enemy of the people according to IMPotus?

Word to the wordsmiths…IMPotus has been aping Putin who has no qualms killing journalists!


Transparent Machiavelli Donnie strikes again.


I am Amy’s camp, so what, but Warren found out that Sander’s camp had talking points that Warren was an elitist., what should Warren do. allow that to be used against her without a response. Sanders started the “fight” by approving these talking points of Sanders supporters were told to say.

Trump Seems To Troll Bernie And Warren, Says He Doesn’t Believe Bernie Made Sexist Comment

It wasn’t a sexist comment, if he said it.