Trump Attacks As Tlaib A ‘Despicable Human Being’

President Donald Trump attacked Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) on Sunday after she said Democrats are considering holding Trump’s allies in jail if they continue to defy subpoenas from the impeachment inquiry against Trump.

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GITMO has available spots to detain them before and after trial.


Maybe if more Dems jumped on this bandwagon and started shouting this repetitively, Trump wouldn’t get away with this.

I am frankly tired of subpoenas being treated like traffic tickets, to quote Bill Maher. It is past time to start using the weapons available for these scofflaws.


3 hots and a cot in a local DC jail should get them to reconsider their obstruction.


So “Lock Her Up” is good, and “Lock Him Up” is despicable.

I wonder what the differences are?


What Tlaib has said has been talked about for many weeks now by many members of congress, at least in theory. But Tlaib is uniquely positioned to drive Trump and his minions a little crazy. No, they don’t like to hear a WOC talking about conveying them to the gaol at all. World turned upside down, dogs and cats living together…


I’m all for throwing them in jail. They would remain in jail until they followed the law. Even if it meant that Congress had to get jail cells and put them in the Capitol Building, they put them in jail until they decide to comply with the law. No one is above the law–NO ONE!


It’s part of the House’s power in finding inherent contempt: “Under inherent contempt proceedings, the House or Senate has its Sergeant-At-Arms, or deputy, take a person into custody for proceedings to be held in Congress.” (

Certainly, if Donnie can direct non-co-operation under a heretofore unrecognized doctrine of ‘absolute immunity,’ it is within reason for the House to use all legally granted and judicially upheld powers to enforce its subpoenas. Only Daffy Duck would find that “despicable.”


I suppose ‘human being’ is a bit of a compromise, if not a softening of tone. Perhaps the Presidential Pivot is nearing?


They could follow the administration’s precedent and use cages.


Anyone remember Susan McDougal, who went to jail for contempt of court. She refused to testify against Clinton regarding Whitewater? Compared to what is going on now, the issues then truly were a Starr vendetta.

McDougal accused prosecutors of twisting the truth throughout the Whitewater inquiry and said one of Mr. Starr’s associates had promised to take steps to have her prison sentence reduced and to have charges against her in an unrelated case in California dropped, in return for incriminating evidence against the President or the First Lady.


BTW, Dan Scavino is such a LeFou.


Desperate people do desperate things. (I think I have posted that quote a bazillion times with respect to TJP…).

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I figured that, due to the construct of the post, Trump was calling Scavino a despicable human being, and couldn’t disagree.


Perhaps they could find room in those summer camps in which detained children separated from their parents have been held?


Why report every bullshit, evil thing he says. You’re just giving him the attention he wants.

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Trump’s usual racism is mixed with panic here…if the House starts holding people in jail if they refuse to honor a subpoena, then at least some people will testify instead. Combined with people who are refusing to participate in the blockade (Yovanovich the most visible so far) and people honoring the subpoena (Sondland), it really is a huge danger for Trump if everyone testifies and the Democrats get all the documents they have requested. The outlines of his crimes are already clear, filling in the paragraphs is going to be devastating, and hopefully drag the Republicans down with him.

The scary thing is that he knows this, he has to, and the people around him do…allowing Turkey to invade Syria went against all of our policies, and he made that decision alone. It’s possible he sees the end game coming and is going to do as much damage as he can before he leaves…who that damage benefits is going to be illuminating. So far it’s Russia, Syria, Turkey, and ISIS. Watch where he visits internationally…just imagine how damaging to the US it would be if Trump asked for asylum in, say, Russia…


Rep. Tlaib seeks to uphold her oath to the Constitution, while Trump is an oaf to the Constitution.


“Trump attacked Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) on Sunday after she said Democrats are considering holding Trump’s allies in jail if they continue to defy subpoenas…”

GITMO’s too good for these rats.

If you really want to make 'em suffer, put 'em in a Trump property.

(Fleas, roaches, and bedbugs: “Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!”)


Honestly they just need to jail one of them. Send a message that you can’t flaunt the law and defy Congress.