Trump Admin Sidelines CDC To Give Pentagon ‘Unprecedented’ Role In Vaccine Distribution | Talking Points Memo

The Trump Administration is moving to give the Department of Defense control over logistics in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, a move that infectious disease experts describe as “unprecedented.”

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I’m sure this development will soothe and reassure the paranoid anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorist and “covid is a hoax” folks.


Simplified Orders.

Red States: Mobilize Immediately.

Blue States: Whenever, Whatever, Maybe…


Trump needs someone he can ORDER to do things on a whim, and ORDER them not to talk about it.

Also, by centralizing it in the Pentagon, he gets to obscure his Grift cut of all the deals he’s made with Pharma companies.


"The Trump Administration is moving to give the Department of Defense control over logistics in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine, a move that infectious disease experts describe as ‘unprecedented’.”

What could possibly go wrong?



“Excels at operational planning.”

Wow, and to think I’m old enough to remember ‘greeted as liberators’.

And you know, pallets of cash that mysteriously disappeared.


So will Esper distrubute the vaccine like Kushner did on testing?

Despotic Trump is militarizing America now to stay in power…period!

Note that what Kushner did to testing and Trump dismissed and did nothing to a public heath crisis is tantamount to negligent homicide at best but since there was malicious intent, to could be murder at worst! AND these two needs to be sent to The Hague for crime against humanity!


Removing the responsibility from medical and scientific personnel and handing it over to conservative controlled military, who in their right mind thinks the public will be served by this?


What, no LowBarr or Meadow Muffin captions? They’re as much of the problem as any of them.


I’m thinking this is part of his hard-on for being a ‘war time pResident’. He LOVES giving orders to the Military. Even if they’re loathe to carry them out. Seriously, this is little donnie on the carpet playing with his plastic green army men - cause he didn’t like the white hospital doll set.


Another example of Trumps “I’ll show you!” philosophy of government. This will back fire on him, as everything does. We predicted he would go bonkers as he lost and he is proving us right. Keep digging, Republicans.


Ah, the best and the brightest, leading the charge against covid! There is no way this can’t go wrong!


The military is the only branch of the federal government Trump believes will do what he says without questioning his every move/motive, given he’s the Commander in Chief.

That’s all it boils down to.


Sounds legit. It was either them or the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.


It’s also bullshit. Don will be long-gone before there is a vaccine. This is all part of the rollout of the newest talking point: “Hey, we were BIGLY ready to distribute the vaccine, it’s just those stupid SCIENTISTS who couldn’t develop one fast enough! It’s their fault!?!”





Yes, you fucking discobot, it’s a fucking complete sentence. Now fuck off…


great, vast resources of the Department of Defense

Uh… silly question, but… what about defending our country?

Donald has already taken money out of the military for his wall. He diverted troops to guarding Texas desert so nobody steals it. He’s turned his back on the troops being targeted by Russia. Iran is practicing sinking our carriers. Mitch McConnell says there’s no money to keep citizens from starving this fall.

We wouldn’t be in this mess — these messes — if Republicans weren’t so weak on defense. (And pandemics.)


The election shit is hitting the GOP fan…:laughing:


With Trump, you can be sure this is about two things: the election and grifting. It is just a matter of figuring out how, not whether. There’s no “benefit of the doubt” ever deserved with these guys. That ship sailed long ago. The “fix” is always in, regardless of how many lives it costs.

I strongly suspect that this is the last duty that DOD wants to get thrown its way. In some way or another, this is about looking like he’s doing something about the pandemic, finding someone else to blame for the problems that arise, and somehow throwing a spanner into the works. The fewer tests done, the lower the infection rate that is detected (as opposed to the actual disaster), the more Trump and his regime look like they aren’t at the center of the problem.

Nobody, save for a Fox watching wingnut, could believe that these guys are doing a competent, effective job, or care about doing one.