Top VP Contender Rep. Karen Bass Denounces Past Cuba Comments | Talking Points Memo

We need a Harriet-like person versed in the communication tropes of the 21st Century…


Is that supposed to be a Harris? Just so you’re not thinking of a Karen :smile:

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If you go around handing out free loaves and fishes, people will have no incentive to work!


There was a major dustup about not seeking the death penalty for a gang member who killed a cop, the law and order cohort went after her on that, she sought and he received a life sentence, but her philosophy is to not seek the death penalty.

“We are talking about a system that creates a final punishment without any requirement that there be DNA to prove it,” Harris said. “It is a system where it has been fundamentally proven to be applied to African American and Latino men and poor men disproportionately for the same kind of crime.”



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If Trump and DiSantis haven’t already killed more Cubans in Florida than Castro did in Cuba, just give them a little more time…


Yep. We don’t actually know who is or isn’t actually being considered. Campaigns like to throw out names for various reasons, to deflect from the candidate(s) that are actually under consideration, to keep the opposition off balance, etc. I like Karen Bass and have nothing bad to say about her, but I do find it difficult to believe she was ever under serious consideration if at all. She just doesn’t bring much to the table that stronger, more popular candidates don’t already have.


I’m taking a summer class on women and politics right now. A couple of weeks ago we had to do a project on a woman in politics and the intersection of race and gender. I chose Harris. My professor instructed me to make sure I did a thorough examination of her history as a prosecutor. I was stunned and nearly brought to tears by just how dishonest the attacks on her record have been. For instance, she had a program to combat truancy. The point of the program was to improve the drop out rate because not finishing high school tends to be a precursor to winding up in the legal system. The program also helped parents deal with issues that were preventing kids from getting to school, it helped them find solutions. In the end, only three parents were prosecuted. In those cases, the children had each missed over 50 days in a single school year. From the attacks on her record, you’d have thought Harris was just picking random Black moms off the street and throwing them in jail because their kids were out sick with the flu.


and if for some reason Adam Schiff has a cabinet position to consider - or just opts not to run … it seems that there are several other individuals who could step in and overwhelm just about any opponent - here’s a few … bet there are several more - plus you could get some prominent public figure to jump in …

  • Katie Porter
  • Eric Swalwell
  • Loretta Sanchez
  • Eric Garcetti

So Bass is not a rabid anti-Communist.


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That’s a video right there. You find people whose lives were helped by that program and let them tell their stories. I think it would be powerful in itself but especially because Trump has NEVER EVER HELPED ANYONE. A prosecutor who’s actively solving the societal problems that lead kids into trouble? That’s huge.


Gee that sounds so familiar somehow.

I was stunned when I found out how much public service Hillary Clinton had actually done.

If you never cared to listen, to read anything about it, all you’d think is that she’d been a lawyer doing shady real estate deals before she came to DC.

It’s really awful what they do to us. On every level.


Wait. Did she denounce or defend her comments?


You forgot to include -

And he hangs around with a bunch of guys! Is that normal? And they’re lazy! Some of them are willfully unemployed, abandoning their elderly father and his fishing business. And there’s rumors that Judas is a terrorist!


Harris isn’t top of the ticket, but given Biden’s age, we need someone ready to serve if necessary. And she’ll be well positioned to be the next Democratic candidate for President.

And I’m still not convinced Biden will try for two terms - he may choose to do the hard work of trying to right the ship of state and then step aside to let someone else set us on an even better course.


Yes! A video of the kids who were on the wrong track and got it together because of her program would be very powerful.

If I live to be 110, I’ll still die mad about the way Hillary was treated.


And it’s not just that they could do it, it’s that they would do it, and three-quarters of the damn evangelicals would go along with it!


Might as well, because if you lived that long, and I hope you do, the damage wouldn’t be undone yet.


This is all a bit of entertainment for the public and keeps attention - not too anxiously - focused on Biden & his campaign and the choice that he is going to make

Bass isn’t going to be in the winner’s circle this time around … but why not have fun while waiting for the main feature … let the movie shorts and trailers for coming attractions be entertaining !..

… if you think about it … it is a bit of a taunting of Trump - really must grate on him to have her dangled out there in front of him …
you just know he has HUGE animosity - and hate - for her - because
… woman … black… and …
Bass has supported Trump’s impeachment since the beginning of Trump’s term. She was one of the 58 Democrats who voted to advance impeachment in 2017.