Top VP Contender Rep. Karen Bass Denounces Past Cuba Comments | Talking Points Memo

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Rep. Karen Bass, one of the top contenders to be Joe Biden’s running mate, on Sunday defended her past travel to Cuba and the sympathetic comments she made after the death of Fidel Castro, the dictator who ruled the communist country for decades.

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Hard pass.




If you’re explaining, you’re losing.

Between Cuba and Scientology, most of her press appearances would be of the “What I really meant.” flavor.


Wait. Did she denounce or defend her comments? Don’t make me read the article to comment on it, TPM. It’s Sunday!


“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” (Ben Franklin)
If you knew me when I was teenager and tried to say that I am that same person, I would tell you, you are full of sh**.


Of course, saying anything kind bout the Cuban people is political suicide but juggling Putin’s balls on an international stage is an act of patriotism. The whole Cuban exile-Batista-Castro hard right voting insanity in Florida is truly one of the stupidest yet long lived veins in American politics.


Except some of the Cuba “gaffes” were from 4 years ago.

The Cuban-American community does not do nuance when it comes to Cuba.


Our Cuba policy has been a disaster for years, and was just starting to improve under Obama before Trump arrived and set it back again. So I agree to an extent with her position on the Cuban people vs. the government. But you can’t go too far in that direction if you have any aspirations for national office. Bernie got the same blowback with his comments about Cuba during the primary.


The American public, and therefore the American media, does not allow nuance into our politics. THat would require thought.


Seems like something FAUX news is pushing more than anything. Fortunately, there are a plethora of equally capable choices available.


It won’t last forever, it’s already changing. Older first generation immigrants are dying off and the following generations don’t have the same knee-jerk support for Republicans. In 2016, almost half the Cuban-Americans in Florida voted for Hillary.


Most of our hope for a better future lies in the death of my generation. I cannot tell you how sad that makes me.

Time to go make my second cup of coffee and check the corona virus scoreboard.


Seems like there are 20 contenders for the VP slot. Did this many of them really need to be considered?


I’ve been traveling to South Florida particularly the Miami Dade area for the past 50 plus years. Occasionally I would hear the most retrograde views out of some in the Cuban exile community. It’s as if they really became southerners.
In the late 80’s and 90’s I would read in the Miami New Times where they were blaming the Jews for Castro reign. Yeah as if that Bugsy Siegel had the right idea.
If the local media outlets did not tow their line, say if the Miami Herald running an op ed calling for the loosening of the embargo and diplomacy the editors and journalists would be threatened. They were supportive of the 1976 Air Cubana terrorist bombers; the worst pre 9/11 airline related terror incident in the hemisphere who were eventually pardoned by George H.W. Bush with a push from Jeb.
You also had the terrorist groups like Omega 7 and Alfa 66 playing war games in the Everglades. “Someday we’ll be back in Havana and get revenge on the Bay of pigs”. Bay of piglets? Thankfully a fair number of the younger generation has far more reasonable views, witness how well Obama and Hillary did with these voters and can put Bass’s views in context.


Not good. Not at all. I think she’s taking herself off the board.

(I did not favor her, but I do not know her very well.)


There is no reason to hand the GOP and its cheerleaders in the right wing media/ noise machine/ echo chamber such a rich target.


"“Wouldn’t do that again,” Bass said during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Talked immediately to my colleagues from Florida and realized that that was something that just shouldn’t have been said.”
Don’t know what your number membership card in the FOOT IN MOUTH CLUB is but your not alone.

Things coming out of peoples mouths,I know this isn’t sitting well with Barr,and Wolf.


Worse than that. She used the passive voice : ’ that was something that just shouldn’t have been said.” Said by whom? Who the fuck does she think she is-Ronald Reagan?