The Supreme Court Term That Fundamentally Changed America

Originally published at: The Supreme Court Term That Fundamentally Changed America

As the dust settles from Trump v. United States, those paying attention look out over the wreckage, contemplating an unbounded future President Trump, a system of checks and balances toppled, a super-executive free to commit crimes with impunity.  “Trump v. United States is one of the most, if not the most, authoritarian court opinions I…

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If I didn’t know better I’d think our corrupted scotus is deliberately shoving the country toward a ‘hotter’ civil war and wouldn’t mind seeing political violence in our streets. I don’t understand how they and the cult think that their naked power grab will be peacefully accepted by the majority of us. How they think the majority in this country will submit peacefully to the idea of being ruled by the cruel and corrupted minority.

For the life of me I can’t figure out how so many republican voters are good with this corrupted transformation of the nation. If any of the lawyers here can suggest an effective way to quickly correct this abomination of a ruling (republican presidents are above the law) I’m all ears.

I do know the fascist 6 didn’t actually say that only republican presidents are to benefit from (near?) total immunity but the rest of us aren’t blind. Will the Federalist Society rub it in by leaving each of the 6 a generous gratuity?


It is a power grab by unelected individuals.


Worse, even than Taney.


“The Court is assuming that the only appropriate check is Congress without understanding because they know full well how compromised Congress has become,” Rebecca Roiphe, a professor at New York Law School, told TPM.


Tomorrow could be our last 4th of July.
Trump will not allow us to celebrate kicking out a KIng who had total power or real men who did brave deeds without body guard back up.
WWII will not be taught because “The Greatest Generation” were also suckers and losers fighting against what Trump and his believers are.
Who could ever not follow the most perfect person since Jesus?


This is a power grab by one branch of the Federal government and a constitutional crisis. That said, it will play out very slowly.

I am wondering how it will affect the election. Will people see it has setting up an authoritarian state as some have warned? Will the MM take this as a serious warning and act accordingly? I am always skeptical that people will have the capacity to understand any of it, but I am sometimes surprised.



Dred Scott? Hold my beers.


Someone(s) in King Leo’s small council has calculated (probably correctly) that they have more guns.


I don’t think the cult believes their power grab will be peacefully accepted. They want us to finally get frustrated enough to push back and give them the excuse they need. I completely believe they want to label us the “terrorists” they are justified in killing with the blessing of their state.

I’ve seen enough of the talk of even my local MAGA cultists here in very blue New England to believe they will absolutely, cruelly welcome the chance to take “owning the libs” to its grimmest conclusion. They’ve been primed for this for years. The glee with which they welcome authoritarianism is terrifying. Today’s “cry some more, libs” is just the beginning of what they will be fine with.

They want dictatorship, as long as it’s their dictatorship.


Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, from a story today:

…we are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.


Beyond a possible Trump return, this ruling is an invitation to every criminal, mobster, psychopath, and/or autocrat-wannabe to attempt to win the presidency, by hook or by crook.


Outside of progressive news outlets like TPM? No. MM will sit by “reporting” on the country’s destruction.


Another flaw in our constitutionally defined democracy: the existence of a branch of government that has absolutely no accountability to its citizens, the people. They are not elected, they are not term limited, they are not held to any ethical standards and they are not required to appear in front of any committees, tribunals or media to explain their decisions that ultimately have profound affect to it’s citizens. As they have now granted the executive branch, they too are above the law.


What makes you think you know better?

Political violence in the streets would encourage the authoritarians in the Executive branch to impose martial law. Imposing martial law would (probably?) be just fine with Roberts and his motley crew of wannabe historians.

As @seamus42 noted above,

Emphasis added.


If we don’t defeat Trump this cycle, every future election in America will be a pointless ruse that simply vacuums up liberal dollars.

Donate. Volunteer. Vote. Don’t sit this one out. You likely will never have another chance to participate in real democracy.

Here is a great place to start


No, the Fourth of July will always be with us, even under the Trumpist dictatorship: A great day for chanting “USA! USA!”, marching down Main Street behind the band and the aging vets, enjoying the fireworks, grilling steaks and hotdogs, and celebrating our restorer of national greatness, Donald J. Trump. And for patriotic car dealerships to rake in the money from “gigantic sales.”


Which is precisely what Roberts exploited when he eviscerated the VRA:

“Congress could have updated the coverage formula at that time, but did not do so. Its failure to act leaves us today with no choice but to declare §4(b) unconstitutional. . . . Congress may draft another formula based on current conditions.”


Kudos to Kate Riga. A+ Work. Should be the front page analysis in every significant newspaper and magazine in the country. Save to David for yesterday’s Morning Memo which should be the last editorial for same.

This is the level of discourse we should all strive for here, and I put myself at the top on the list for that advice.


Great article @Kate_Riga24
I listen to the podcast every week and read all of your commentary on the court. It is somehow reassuring to my sanity to know that the people reporting this stuff are as outraged and dumbfounded as I am. The pretense of most media to “objectivity” is unsettling when great crimes are being committed right in front of us.

Keep up the good work.


I do agree with you and with @seamus42, scotus and their ideological masters are well aware of the consequences of this ruling should the abomination be reinstalled in the WH. And they assume that violently quashing future street protests will consolidate their power.

I’m not so sure the financial sponsors of the cult have taken the time to game out the negative consequences for their own pocketbooks should the cult’s dream scenario push us into ‘shithole’ country status. Perhaps they should attempt to moderate this court with whatever influence they could bring to bear.