The First Point Of Trump’s Abortion Policy: Do Not Talk About Abortion Policy

Donald Trump admitted Wednesday that Republicans have hurt themselves with how they’ve been talking about abortion this election cycle and in years past.

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Wow. I normally just read, but here I am, first to comment. Come on!

Sorry I don’t have a cat…


Anyone else notice that Steve Bannon was ordered to jail on July 1 for a four month term.


Abortion. Every day that albatross hangs a little heavier around GOP necks. They got nothing, nowhere to go and a crazy guy in charge.


Exceptions is very important.”

“I wish that Republicans could talk about it correctly

You could start by using grammar correctly - try ‘Exceptions are importatnt’.


Democrats will talk and talk and talk about Trump’s corrupt judges eliminating the national constitutional right to abortion. Unless they live under rocks, voters will know who to blame and that both a national ban of abortion and contraceptives are next.

Biden has a very good campaign team. They have it.


And the top of the ticket doesn’t know the meaning of the word “contraception”. Just for that, the GOP should dump him.


Being forced to admit what they actually mean, in plain language, is Trump and the GOP’s “third rail.”

Many of them know full well that their policy agenda is toxic when people understand what they are advocating.


Beautiful Headline, TPM!


It seems to me a ‘lot’ of the people who believe in making abortion a federal offense think Birth Control is the SAME as abortion. Hence the Hobby Lobby suit/decision.

Now at the time they SAID it was just IUDs that the Hobby Lobby owners did not want to allow on ‘their’ contraceptive plan; I don’t know if IUDs are still on some ‘list.’


He doesn’t know the meaning of a lot of words but he throws them in a half baked sentence anyway.
I wouldn’t hold your breath on the party dumping him. Remember they don’t have a leader (including the former guy).


There is a split in the Republican Party that makes abortion impossible to discuss “correctly” as meant by Donald Trump which is all about political expedience. That is abortion is mostly about single issue voters, historically most of those one issue voters were against abortion. However, that would only be true so long as it was impossible because of Roe to actually enact those restrictive laws. That is all Republicans understood that if it ever became possible to enact the most restrictive laws on abortion, it would create many one issue voters supporting abortion rights and thereby offsetting their advantage on the issue.

That is until Donald Trump what Republicans meant by “correctly” discussing abortion was to talk like they supported the most restrictive laws while making sure those laws never could become law.

Realizing that actually doing something about abortion would give Trump control of the Republican Party regardless that it might make it harder to win general elections, Trump actually did something no other Republican would ever have done, managed to deliver on the issue and make it possible to pass the most restrictive laws on abortion.

However, by finally delivering what they had been promising for 40 years, Trump has created a new significant voting block, mostly White women, who support abortion rights and vote ONLY on that issue.

So you have to sides of the Republican Party and both sides are needed to win elections, those who don’t really care about abortion and those that only care about abortion. Additionally, to win elections Republicans now must find ways to not anger White woman and create more and more one issue voters on the other side.

So if Republicans go one way, soften their stance supporting the most restrictive abortion laws, they will lose one issue voters who only vote to create the most restrictive abortion laws. On the other hand, if the do not soften their stance on support for the most restrictive abortion laws, they will lose some their voters who really do want abortion to remain legal as well as create many new one issue pro abortion voters.

The bottom line, White women are most likely to decide the 2024 election. Aside from being the largest single voting block, they have the most to lose from restrictive abortion and other reproduction laws. Trump lost 2020 by over 7,000,000 votes while winning 53% of the White women vote. To have any chance of squeaking out an electoral college victory like he did in 2016, Trump must do at least as well among White women as he did in 2020. If Trump gets less than 50% of the White women vote, not only Trump but the Republican Party will lose bigly.


Betcha Trump can’t name a single exception.

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“I wish that Republicans could talk about it correctly and if they would, they’d see it’s a very different issue,” he continued.

Different issue? Your Supreme Court turned back civil rights to 1840. Voters won’t be fooled.


Trump may not want to talk about abortion policy, but other people will do it for him.



“I think the Republican Party has done an amazing job in certain ways, but they’ve never understood how to talk about it.”

“I wish that Republicans could talk about it correctly…”

Out of that whole party, only Trump gets away with saying stuff like this. He sounds like he’s not even a Republican. (And he isn’t, really.)

They mostly wish he’d just shut up about this, but they don’t dare tell him.


Trump takes the old English law, the King can do no wrong, to the next level: it can not even be implied the king has done wrong because this might imply equality in any respect with his subjects.


That is a problem for authoritarians and snake oil sellers generally (but I repeat myself): their only out is lying which often includes convincing the marks that they too are members of some special group the agenda will not harm.


“I wish that Republicans could talk about it correctly and if they would, they’d see it’s a very different issue,”

…nor will Trump tell them how to talk about it differently, cuz he don’t know neither!