The Fifth Circuit Is In For A Beatdown

“Any time, any place. As long as I get to choose the time and the place.”


the Dotard won’t have to participate in any debates at all.

We should be so lucky.


Joe just needs to tell Donnie: “With two you get eggroll”.


Biden agrees to four and Trump will probably demand six. It won’t end.


I don’t think allotheria have pouches.


“Does any reasonable person believe anything Michael Cohen says?”
– J.D. Vance

Well, Donald Trump did.

In fact, he believed just about everything he said. Now… a reasonable person…?


It won’t happen because no law is being broken. Someone claiming that there will be massive voting fraud by ineligible voters is protected speech under the 1st Amendment.

If that person actually does something about it, like harassing a voter at a polling place or making what the law considers a “true threat” against an election worker, then they can be prosecuted like the two cases mentioned in the Weekender above. Just spouting a bullshit opinion isn’t a crime.


He is imposing his own conditions after agreeing to Biden’s. Video at link

Acyn (@Acyn): “Trump: I want to debate this guy but I’m going to demand a drug test” |


TFG has no intention of debating Biden. That’s why he is adding 2 debates that he thinks Biden won’t agree to.

So TFG is setting up his excuse to not debate Biden.


If it were, how many Republicans would be in jail right now.


He can demand all he wants, but I believe Biden will stick with the original format he posted, with no concessions to Trump.

Everything Trump has been saying since then, like “agreeing to” additional debates with Fox News and Telemundo, or this drug test idea, is an indication that Trump needs the debates more than Biden. I believe Trump will knuckle under and accept Biden’s format with just two debates, because he’s desperate for this.


Don’t forget that there are SoS out there spending tax payer’s money to find 132 maybe mistakes/discrepancies in their voter rolls. At some point someone has to point out that they are spend way too much money to find something that falls neatly into the margin of error.


Dump would no doubt score much higher than Joe Biden in the drug test competition. WIN!


I was relieved when Elizabeth II died after Trump had left office, so our nation didn’t have to endure the embarrassment of Trump’s attendance. I hope Jimmy Carter dies before Nov. 5, just in case Trump wins, so his death and funeral are guaranteed to be treated respectfully by the sitting president. I hate to imagine Trump being president when Biden dies.

Here’s the scenario for Trump’s death and funeral that I like to entertain. Biden wins decisively on Nov. 5, and the Dems take control of the House (and Senate, but I think the House alone is key to my point here). Trump dies soon after the new Congress is sworn in. His death takes the wind out of the “election fraud” campaign Trump has undertaken. (And conspiracy theories about how Biden had him killed thrive only briefly.) Maybe Biden orders flags to be flown at half mast – I don’t really care. (Maybe he orders them also to be hung upside down? Just kidding.) The House (I don’t think the Senate has a role in this decision but could easily be wrong) does not permit his body to lie in state in the Capitol; explaining why, the Speaker cites security concerns given what happened on Jan. 6, 2021. Trump’s funeral service is held at Mar-a-Lago (I assume), though will he be buried there or at Bedminster, with much fanfare around moving his body in the Trump jet? I don’t care. Neither Biden nor any member of his administration nor any elected Dem attends any rite or ceremony for Trump (probably won’t be invited, anyway); Biden and other Dem leaders issue statements of sympathy for Trump’s family, yada yada, and that’s it.

ETA: Prominent Republicans, like Bush II and Mitch McConnell, also do not attend any rite or ceremony for Trump, and their public statements are anodyne. Foreign leaders and diplomats may face a greater challenge, though I don’t know what diplomatic protocols would require. Perhaps the British can send Boris Johnson and the French some prominent right-wing politician. The Saudis and Russians will send someone very high up.


She’s on my list of targets – Jane Sullivan Roberts. She has been promoting her hubby’s SCOTUS career even before he was appointed. It is all about getting rid of Roe vs. Wade. Here’s a little of her history:

BTW, There are at least six SCOTUS Justices that are at least modest multimillionaires: John Roberts, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor. John Roberts and his wife lead the pack with about $40 million, and about $25 million is split among the 5 others.

But, realize, One to five $Million is not what it used to be.


I think he’s looking for a way to skip the debates. No audience, mic cut to prevent talking over,etc. He’s demanding a drug test for Biden and is slamming the moderators and now demanding more debates. He refused to debate during the primaries -Christie would’ve landed blows. He’s a coward and without the adoring fans at the venues he won’t have the upper hand.


More than likely that’s Bannon’s liver trying to take over his entire abdomen with ascites.


Sure, but that’s a political problem with a political solution: Vote more Dems into office! The media should be calling attention to it, but there’s only one way to fix that.




It’s still a marker for “won’t be eating cat food” in retirement, but you are correct.


…During the grave preparation 15 boxes of sensitive top secret documents are excavated, most of them dealing with nuclear preparedness and plutonium production. Bedminster is closed pending further search and excavation by the FBI. In the meantime, Trump’s body is moved back into cold storage at a Florida mortuary, which, unfortunately is run by unscrupulous parties, and is only rediscovered rotting after their arrests for mishandling corpses.