‘Should Be Off-Limits’: Dingell Reacts To Trump’s Suggestion That Her Husband’s In Hell

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) reacted honestly to President Trump’s suggestion that her late husband — a World War II veteran and the longest serving member of congress — was in hell.

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You brought me down in a way you can never imagine and your hurtful words just made my healing much harder.

That was intended, of course.


63,000,000 sociopaths, your fellow citizens, nearly every other adult you come in contact with every day, think this psycho asshole is the Second Coming.

“Deplorables” is too kind in characterizing them. And if you’re not actively shunning them and eliminating them from your life whenever possible you’re not doing your part.


When Trump is looking up from the fiery depths of hell he will certainly be “showered” with affection by many Americans.


I mean, it’s not like it was Barron Trump or anything.


Trump is human garbage. You think he can’t go lower, then he does.


It’s an amazing talent he has. Anyone of us would have run out of ideas on how to be even more despicable than the day before eons ago.


The entire GOP apparatus revels in making Democrats cry. What did Dingell expect?


Trump’s gaping, bottomless maw where most people have a soul renders “lower” meaningless.




  1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

He is the undisputed champion of limbo. Reportedly, Russian limbo with five hookers and a plastic sheet.


I was also struck (though not surprised) by Trump’s assertion that he did not ask for anything in return for lowering the flags to half-mast or honoring Rep. Dingell in the Capital Rotunda. The implication is that he was granting Mrs. Dingell a personal favor rather than following a long-established tradition. Again, Trump views the offices and traditions of the US as his personal property to dole out as he sees fit, rather than obligations of the office of the president. This is the same guy that had to be coerced into lowering the flags for John McCain for more than half a day.


“Owning the libs” is their oxygen. They’d throw their children into a pit of fire before giving it up.


From the reporting I saw last night, these comments decidedly did not go over well with the Michigan rally crowd. It’s rare that he misses like that. It was not only cruel, but from a political vantage point, stupid. I don’t know if it’s a sign of anything to come.

At some point, though, people are going to get tired of Grandpa going on about lightbulbs and toilets and showers and dishwashers…


That must be the dumbest thing ever said in American Politics. Of course he did, and he is proud of it. If Mrs Dingell is so upset about it, instead of playing victim and whining about her hurt feelings, she should insult him back. Something like “I hope you soon join my husband so that Melania can be with a real man” will work.

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He reminded me of whale shit, but Batman set me straight. . .



Yeah, and a stand-up comic will tell you certain jokes play well in Dubuque and bomb in Dayton. Trump will just make a mental note to use this line outside of Michigan. No doubt Kansas crowds will applaud it. Kansans are fond of cruelty. They inflicted Sam Brownback upon the state, twice.


Careful, don’t bring that son of a whore and a con man up, because reasons…

There are no limits to his cruelty and malevolence. You can be assured he’ll do his utmost to destroy America and the American creed on his way out of the door, whenever that is.


Whenever I hear the “63 million voted for Trump”, I want to scream “But 66 million voted against him”.

If impeachment is overturning the “will of 63 million” voters, then why wasn’t the 2016 election overturning the will of the 66 million who voted for Hillary.

The fact that the media doesn’t fact check every time is journalistic malpractice.


Maybe, but there is plenty of hatred left in the tank of the MAGA crowd.