Senate Republicans Are Mad They Got Forced To Vote Down A Border Bill That They Like Again

Senate Republicans Are Mad

Full stop. 'nuff said.


Up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle. As a party they have so debased themselves to honor every uttering of the il Cheeto Duce that they failed to plan on what happens post Trump. Plus then the infighting begins and we’ll still need to make sure the US supply of popcorn will be enough.


Pulling a Weekend at Bernie’s.


[Overheard at the gathering]

“Damn he is rank!” “He isn’t dead yet!” “Open the windows”
“Oh God I touched him and I am covered in orange colored ick!”
“Its hard to tell the difference between the make up and skin necrosis”
“Jeez! He is voiding!”
“Marge!, Elise! Stop playing with that! Its rigor and not proof of life!”
“No the corpse is over there. Leave Rudy alone!”
“He is dead Gym, dead!”
“He’s colder than a New York court room!”
“I said embalmed, not enshrined Stephen, now get him off of that pedestal!”


The only way is they steal it. And they are trying really hard to do so.


He actually said “rascally”?

More like “radicalized” to be exact.


JD Vance will step in to take his place - the Republicans are going to ride in on the full fascist train one way or another. That’s their future. We’ll see if they’re going to run us over with it to in November.


The problem being Trump


Vance is a pale substitute. No amount of orange make up will bring the magic back for MAGA.


The best part is they wouldn’t even have to modify his suit jackets to puppeteer his corpse! They’re already loose enough because he’s tailor averse!

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He’s from Oklahoma, so any show of disloyalty like that would have meant the next primary he would be stomped.


It’s hard to remember, but you’d have thought Reagan was still running the GOP long after his death. Even before he died (and I honestly cannot even remember that event), they were all acting like they were his fucking oracle, claiming that whatever they were pushing was “what Reagan wanted” and revering him like some sort of God. And that continued for decades.

Until, of course, Trump came along and they dropped him like yesterday’s garbage.


Elise Stefanik is the Joseph McCarthy of today’s Congress. McCarthy also went after academics directly but also worked his wonders indirectly, by intimidating college administrators and trustees into doing his work for him, which is one of Stefanik’s goals. Incidentally, not a few of the academic victims of the McCarthy era were Jewish. See, for example, the great Moses Finley. (You can google him. Elizabeth II would end up knighting him.)

Stefanik needs to be called out for who and what she is. Joseph McCarthy, of course, was assisted by Roy Cohn – yes, that Roy Cohn, Trump’s mentor. Small world. Also, let’s reexamine the JDL, which for a while recently was acting sanely, devoting much of its energy to opposing Trumpian anti-Semitism. No longer.


We have seen this before. Dems cave, offer the GOP practically everything they demanded on a given issue, but can’t close the deal because right wingers either move the goalposts or just reject the idea of getting something done.

And most of us breathe a sigh of relief, because Dems didn’t get elected to support reactionary policies anyway.


Meanwhile in Minnesota, Royce White, the Minnesota GOP candidate for the US Senate, says this:

The memory of the Holocaust hangs on the Jewish people like a shroud, and the persecution of them during World War II was but the climax of many centuries of antisemitism. In response, many of the Jewish people have lost their faith in a loving God. That faith once lost, was quickly replaced by the scientific method and materialism. This kind of intergenerational trauma creates a survivalist impulse that can give birth to the darkest of intentions and most grandiose effort for world control.

More on GOP “discipline” here:


The bill he negotiated WAS a solution. Maybe not all the solution, but definite progress. Between Lankford and Haley, Republicans give new meaning to ‘spinning’ and it’s dizzying.


WTF!! I am sorry but Trump fans are Jonestown material, only dumber.

“Some of the greatest days of my business career were the toughest times, but I enjoyed waking up every single morning and go to battle,” he said. “A lot of people say to me today — the toughest business people, people that you know about — ‘Could I ask you a question? How do you do it?’ I say, ‘Do what?’ ‘How do you get up in the morning and put your pants on? Why do you put the pants on?’ I’ll explain it to you someday. ‘How do you do it? How do you get up? How do you do it?’”


I’d like the press to ask these politicians if they supported the Vietnam War, and when they served.

Trump demanded that his party’s senators do nothing to fix the crisis about which they had constantly professed to be so very alarmed.

Trump doesn’t care about solving problems. He’s about creating them to deflect from his corruption and incompetence.


“We need to get together, stop the politics and the messaging and the Democrat fundraising emails that are going out on this, and let’s actually solve the problem,” Lankford said.

The Party that never does anything of substance (unless they are destroying something); and does nothing but grandstanding/performing/messaging is upset that the Ds dip their toe (very rarely) into playing politics (while trying to get something done).


That is this guy’s job, removed the soiled diaper, clean and put the pants on…