Senate Judiciary Previews Battle Over Barrett’s Confirmation

Republicans and Democrats on Sunday offered their own previews of the confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, a day after President Trump controversially nominated the conservative to fill the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.

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The whole thing is a sham.

There is no battle over Barrett’s nomination. If she showed up and said, yes, she pled perpetual fealty to Trump and disavowed the Constitution the GOPers would fall over themselves to approve her. In fact, the GOP senators would all say the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore; they only exist to serve Trump.


The nominee has apparently made numerous public statement through her writings critical of the Affordable Care Act, Roe v Wade and a host of other issues likely to come before the Supreme Court. These prior opinions reveal obvious biases on the part of Judge Barrett which, it seems to me, should automatically disqualify her from sitting on the court.


Barrett was chosen because of her biases.


“Look only time will tell if this horse is filled with Greeks, okay?”


Quite obviously! And this fact alone should precipitate a full on assault against her confirmation.


Referring to Barrett’s vehement disagreement with Chief Justice John Roberts’ ruling in 2012 that upheld the ACA, Scalia downplayed Democrats’ fears of Barrett’s Supreme Court appointment would lead to the overturning of the ACA by noting that she made her comments critical of the law prior to becoming a federal appeals court judge.

That’s a compelling argument. Don’t pay any attention to her stated beliefs, they all changed once she became a federal appeals court judge.


Kamala, Mazie and Amy are going to have a difficult task. Republicans will cry about tough questions asked of their fertile White Queen. This appointment is a done deal and those three are in a no win situation. I expect Coney Barrett will come off pretty well. Maybe they should just say welcome, let’s do lunch and then leave the hearings giving their proxy to someone.


“Balls and strikes” will be Barrett’s phony mantra to hide her eagerness to strip over 20 million Americans of health insurance and all women of the right to an abortion.


Yeah right. And can I interest you in the purchase of an absolutely stunning bridge over the East River?


That provides an easy rebuttal when she tries to use the “I can’t comment on a hypothetical case” dodge. Cite her previous statements and judicial decisions then ask her if she still holds the same opinion or would she now overrule her own precedent.


Which would accomplish what?


Barrett will forever be known as an ‘illegitimate’ justice and will never have the respect of the American people. I hope she enjoys being despised.


All of this is Trump-friendly theater.

The death count and the case count make this sham of an “administration” beyond criminal. Maybe because the dead and dying are hidden from view, the $$$$$$$$ people believe that this staged farce has some entertainment value.

More advertisers, etc.


There is no battle over confirmation. That’s a done deal. She will be confirmed. The only play the Democrats have is to get her on record waffling on Roe, ACA, DACA and then when she does what we know she’ll do destroy her credibility. The Democrats in Congress can’t do shit to her. But the American people can. Get her on the record. Then when she’s proven to have lied consider impeaching her. She’s going to bust ACA. She’d demonstrated a contempt for programs like it in the past. When she does it…and she will…bring out her confirmations statements about “settled law” and move to rid America of her at our country’s helm.


Barrett is consumed with blind ambition and her extremist religious fervor to eliminate abortion and take away health insurance. She has contempt for all of us.


At least it might provoke sufficient public opposition to her appointment to persuade certain Republican Senators running to retain their seats to reconsider their positions. A log shot to be sure, but we must remember that the health care of millions of Americans are at stake here.


Rump and the gang are hoping the Dems go after her deeply conservative religious beliefs. That will win him points beyond his base. They need to go after her record in the few years she has made judicial decisions, her writings and also her integrity for excepting the nomination so close after RBG’s passing.


Take the House, Senate, Presidency, rewrite the damn thing and put it to bed!


Attacking her personally is a complete loser - she is a nice woman with a big family who has managed a great career and even adopted a few children. She even looks like she just wandered in from Little House on the Prairie.

It is the process itself that is the evil, corrupt thing - since the Repubs already claim to have the votes, before they even knew who the nominee was, I don’t think the Dems can do anything better or accomplish anything better than boycotting the entire process. I don’t think I can watch Dems get accused of slander again for simply trying to bring out the obvious facts about her bias. I cannot see the angle where it helps them.

Would love to be wrong.