Rubio Takes His Trumpian ‘Anti-Elitist’ Crusade To Fox News As He Revives Fauci Attacks | Talking Points Memo

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Wednesday took his Trumpian rhetoric to Fox News in an op-ed rehashing his attacks against Dr. Anthony Fauci, the White House coronavirus task force member whose grave warnings on COVID-19 were at odds with Trump’s downplaying of the pandemic that has killed more than 330,000 Americans thus far.

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What a reprehensible little toad. Rubio is attacking FAUCI to cover up his OWN lack of helping his constituents and his continuing ‘votes’ on hurting starving people in this country.


Rubio (like Hawley, Cotton, Cruz) is delusional if he thinks he remotely has the personality to be a national candidate in 2024. I admire his delusional male confidence level though.


Does he really think this improves the odds of his presidential candidacy? GOPers seem to believe that the now that GOP voters let their assholeness out box there is now way to put it back in, and it’s best to indulge it.


Never-Going-To-Be-President Rubio.
public: Fauci Very Popular.
public: marco who?


The ditty that “Everything Trump Touches Turns to Shit” definitely applies to Marco Rubio or maybe “little Marco” was already their.

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He’s so transparently phony and opportunistic it’s painful to watch. Clearly the poor deluded soul considers himself a viable 2024 prospect in need of cultivating Trump cult members. Beyond disgraceful.


He’ll always be Little Marco to me.


Whenever you see a Republican using the word “elite,” just substitute “cosmopolitan.” Or, to get more direct about it, “International Jewry.”


Reviving Fauci attacks?
More like whining on command.
“Here, Marco. Sit up. Tweet. Good boy. Here’s a snausage.”


The race to replace Trumpolini is ongoing but Little Marco, like Ly’n Ted,* is too pudgy w/ insufficient jaw-line to make the cut.

*Cruz’s scruffy new beard won’t help him much with the proud-boys and ditto-heads either.

NB: These punks could take a lesson from pro-wrestling like Trump did; you can’t just bullshit, you’ve got to bullshit with enough conviction and/or physical presence to convince audience you could do something about it if they don’t believe you.

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He was already there. Rubio has always been vastly more impressed with himself than anyone else is.

“given his background as a lawyer and a lifelong conservative politician.”

He was a failed lawyer. He ended up having to move in with his parents after failing in his first job out of law school, and then only got hired to a cushy job because he got elected Speaker of the FL House, and they basically just marketed him in their lobbying efforts.

And even after he got a 6 digit salary there, he still spent well beyond his means. Rubio has been tettering on the edge of insolvency most of his life.


Keep going with your gut feelings as a wannabe Trump, Marco. I’m sure that’s better than looking at Fauci’s favorable and “most trusted” ratings in the polls before shooting your mouth off.


My message to everyone in the world right now is this:

Tomorrow night, do your duty and eat your fucking black-eyed peas!!! The future of this planet depends on it!!!


I didn’t know this about Rubio, but he has always struck me as the model for the worst type of pol: One who will say anything, do anything, endorse anything no matter how harmful, illogical, immoral or just plain stupid. Guys like him always recall Mencken’s description of a pol as one who will endorse something as repulsive as cannibalism if it could keep him in office. “Unprincipled” doesn’t begin to categorize a little turd like him.


Well, given that he is going to run as a Republican, delusional is a requirement.


Marco who? Marco Hollow


Did Rubio pick up a brainworm somewhere?

He seems to have become unstuck …


Speaking of bubbles, can Little Marco verify that foam parties are “safe”?

Lord, give me the confidence of a mediocre white man.