Republicans’ About Face On Ballot Drop Boxes Is Particularly Cartoonish In Wisconsin

The use of ballot drop boxes was the focal point of much election misinformation and chaos for election-denying Republicans following the 2020 election. But now they might be coming around to embracing it. 

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All voting fraud is Dems. The virtuous voters of the GOP should cast their ballots as many times and in as many manners as are available to them.

See? No cognitive dissonance.


Luckily for Wisconsin Republicans, their dumb as dirt base have the memories of fruit flies.


Everything they do is in bad faith. We had a whole Hollywood movie about drop boxes. People took it as truth. Millions of them. It’s OK to destroy the country if there is money in it.

They want drop boxes because they know how to fiddle them. Everything we were accused of doing they will do. 2024 is going to be all the shitshow they can afford with unlimited money in politics, and to the delight of the enemies of our country.

Oh, and anyone who wants to buy a boat with their tax break.


Many will probably NOT use the boxes because it has been at least 5yr of DAILY messaging that they are the GATE to HELL.


The rationale for the flip-flop is mostly practical and due to the fact that Republicans have been losing statewide elections in Wisconsin since Trump came to office. “There is a sense that Democrats have gotten an edge over the GOP by utilizing all voting practices rather than limiting themselves to traditional ways of voting,” Burden noted.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…it’s the drop boxes and mail-in ballots that are holding them back…


All things considered, they’d rather not have early voting at all and instead make everyone show up in person on Election Day.

As to Republicans doing fraud via drop boxes, that’s no more feasible or likely than any other forms of non-in person voting. You can’t just print off a bunch of sample ballots and stuff them in a drop box. Well, you can do that, but none of those ballots will be counted because each person who votes by mail or drop box or whatever is identified on the ballot containing the envelope then checked against the voter registration roll and recorded as having voted. “Mickey Mouse” doesn’t get to vote.


Makes intimidating voters so much more convenient.


Levine emphasized, however, that even though Wisconsin Republicans may be embracing the use of ballot drop boxes now, that is likely to change.

“You support the voting method until you’re losing,” he said. “What we’ve seen is that for some folks who are losing, they’re willing to go to pretty much any ends to try and ensure they can win.”

And that, right there, is why the argument is pretty much over.

My guess is few Republicans will use the drop boxes and that’s fine - it’s meant to be an alternative, not the only way to vote.


More that it makes it more difficult for low-propensity Democratic voters to cast a ballot. GOP voters have long been higher-propensity, though that may be changing some.


When the GQP loses, it’ll be a reason to go to court and sue to prevent the results from being certified. It’s how they roll. All will be well, if they win.


And, of course, the other part of that equation is that they’d like to have election site placement based on square miles served, regardless of how many people live in that district.

This article makes clear once again that dems really need to keep pointing out that democratic voting policies and ballot access help ALL voters, regardless of whom they plan to vote for.


Will they try? Sure. Will it succeed? Not unless it’s close enough to steal. That takes a Florida 2000 margin, not Georgia/Arizona 2020. And Florida only succeeded because Bush was already winning before Gore sought the recount, which was easier to shut down than the initial count.

Over and over and over again, Dems fret about some miracle or other that trump is going to pull out of his hat to save his ass yet again. The courts! The legislatures! The secretaries of state! The Proud Boys! Mike Pence! It’s all bollocks. If Biden gets more votes in enough places to win the electoral college, he’s going to win the electoral college.


This is not a winning message with GOP voters because that makes it easier for, you know, those people to vote.


Sure, but the diehards aren’t the target for this or any other message. Independents are, and to some extent, squishy dems who need constant reminders of what their party does for them.


To me the greatest voting fraud we are seeing today is voter suppression.

That said, it was really stupid of Republicans to give themselves a “voting day” when Democrats give themselves a voting month.

That is once they lost the issue, smart politics was to do exactly what they are trying to do here, instead of trying to stop the other guy from voting encourage your people to vote by all available means.


I don’t think it’s the intimidation that Republicans are going for with making people voting in person, it’s the inconvenience of making all voters show up to the polls. That includes the elderly who may not drive, or live in ass’t living, those that have mobility or visual handicaps, and shift workers.
Back when MO had assigned polling places one of the obstacle to voting was where the polling places were located. And in the city of St Louis did they have enough poll workers. Which was also true in some parts of St Louis County.


Wait wait wait…are you telling me that they’re suddenly realizing that the way to win at democracy is to participate in it? Huh…

Take note Team Unicorn.


Elections/voting is a very low-salience issue with the public. Gallup pegs it at 3%.

Note that the date in the preview box is old even though the data is up to date.


These guys made an industry of this one topic over the last 4 years, even a blockbuster movie.

Pre-salt the earth. This is classic intelligence tactics. Other than the flood of true believers after every administrative job in elections, just the torrent of lunatics fascinated with these boxes and attempting to fiddle them will be shitshow enough. Everything is done to devalue the election.

The whole MAGA movement takes the ‘steal’ personally, and they are overwhelmingly religious enough to claim at least God-knows-what. They are true believers. Do not doubt them.

Jeez, they even had a movie about it.

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