Rep. Raúl Grijalva Tests Positive For Coronavirus | Talking Points Memo

Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) has tested positive for COVID-19 after a week in Washington, D.C., that included a hearing with Rep. Louie Gohmert, who also announced a positive test for coronavirus earlier this week.

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Socially-distanced Congresscritters can’t hold hearings without spreading it.

But you average workers and kids out there need to get back to your damned jobs and school and quit whining about it.


Trump is not the only idiot in town.


Gohmert, later today: “I must have loaned Representative Grijalva my mask, from which he clearly caught the covids.”


In“House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) told CNN Wednesday that while the House isn’t mandating testing for lawmakers yet, “we’re discussing that.”

Just mandate masks and frequent testing. GOP heads will explode of course.


Raul is a great guy. He represents the district just barely south of where I live in Tucson. He will not put this infection at Louie Gohmert’s feet BUT I WILL. It was Ol Louie who flouted the idea of masks and got the bug. Now he has put Raul’s health at risk. An not just his but his aides and their families and his own family.
Fucker. You goddamned idiot you put the health of others at risk because of your stupidity.
How’dya feel now fuckwad?
Yeah, I am angry about this. This is a prime example of an idiot (Louie Gohmert) thinking trump is god and assuming the virus is no big deal cuz trump said so without any decent reason. And so he parades around the capitol leading tours of unmasked people while is himself is unmasked and spewing virus with every breath he exhales.
Goddamned willful and deliberate stupidity is what Louie is about and it pisses me off!!!
edit to add…
When I taught first year medical students I ran into some who thought they knew everything already. Willful young folk assuming they were experienced enough. I called it willful and deliberate stupidity and I developed a strong dislike of that sort of arrogance over the 40+ year I taught. Now there is a prime example, as I said earlier in this post, of deliberate and willful stupidity. Louie could have swallowed his pride and worn a mask and likely avoided infecting himself and others. But he had to show his arrogance to everyone.
If ever there was a reason for a member of Congress to apologize to another member, his family, his exposed aides and their families and anyone they came into contact with … personally and with humility it is now


They did mandate masks, and both Pelosi and MoscowMitch agreed not to put Congress at the head of the line for testing for precisely the reason that it presumes that congresscritters are more “valuable” than the citizens they serve.

You can’t get a test on demand, nor ensure that all your colleagues are tested daily before you encounter them, why should Congress (or the president) get any higher level of protection from exposure?


If Louie Gohmert gave Raul Grijalva COVID-19 there is no ring of hell hot enough for him.


Trying to attribute a specific case of COVID to a specific person at a specific event is like trying to say exactly how a specific storm is influenced by climate change. When the entire system is fucked up, like the pandemic is in the United States, you can get that stuff just about anywhere. If you want to increase your chances, you can go into an unsafe situation, like a bar.

Because of idiocy and ideology, Congress is a very unsafe place right now.


Best wishes for a speedy and uneventful recovery, Mr. Grijalva.


Weren’t Republicans against Zoom meetings and allowing for distant voting?

Well, if it’s not that, then testing members each day makes eminent sense. If it’s good enough for Trump, it should be good enough for Congress.

ETA: I take the point about not putting members of Congress over average citizens, but the solution should be we should all have access to rapid testing, and the fact that we don’t is another failure by Trump/Kushner.


It’s tough being a politician right now, since you need to do so much interaction with other people. Much better to be a freelance researcher, a lighthouse keeper, something like that.


Congressman Covid is spreading Trump Virus and blames it on face masks!

Trump and Kushner would be happy about this…it’s not “our people“ this time!


The most populous chamber will have, by law of averages, a greater-than-normal number of ignorant assholes. Management needs to mandate regular testing and masks on and off the floor.


Typhoid Louie


No shit, Steny, take a stand, stop deferring and bowing and scraping. No mask, can’t come in to legislate. Tests are mandatory, and part of the Covid Relief package, if our reprentatives can get tested, then everyone gets tested. And it comes out of the Defense Budget, or the White House Budget, they aren’t using their money as they are supposed to, take it from them.


Of course, part of this, a major part – though it is hardly even recognized, thus testifying to its utility and power – is just a pose: Republicans pose as the serious eager to work hard working industrious job-creating good on the economy salt of the earth patriots, enabling them (in their own little myopic minds) to demand others get back to work immediately. It is a pose of righteous piety. It is of course a lie and an insult, and the magic is: they get away with it.


Louie Gohmert has led tours of the Capitol while unmasked and groups of up to 100 people have followed him…many unmasked. He has attended meetings and testimony where Mr Grijalva was present and sitting near to Louie. Now, Raul is not blaming Mr Gohmert specifically but he has pointed out Louie’s behavior about masks and that he tended to wander around the meeting/testimony room unmasked.
You are correct that placing specific blame for this is a fool’s errand but right now because I am a resident in the city (Tucson) Raul represents part of… this is getting personal. I have met Mr Grijalva and he’s a decent person. If he is anything but asymptomatic going forward then I will renew my blame game. I do feel like being the fool on his errand, I am that angry about Louie’s willful stupidity.


Best wishes for the congressman’s speedy and complete recovery.


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