Rep. Nadler Says Trump Has Broken The Law ‘Six Ways From Sunday’

House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said on Sunday that President Donald Trump had “violated the law six ways from Sunday” before and during special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

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First Schiff is the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and second just turned on MSNBC and someone said that only 9% of McConnell’s campaign donations are from Kentucky, most are from Wall Street. So where does one go to check their Reps percentages?


Yes. Yes. Yes. This is what people need to be hearing. We’re in a pretty good place already, with most people thinking he’s a contemptible buffoon. But they need to know how bad things really are.


House Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said on Sunday that President Donald Trump had “violated the law six ways from Sunday”

Yes. And on the seventh day, he obstructed.


Never really explored it but the FEC seems like a logical place to start.


As we all know, Trump is the most Godliest president ever, so he can’t possibly have broken the law six ways from SUNDAY. Please pick any one of the other six days days of the week.

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We now live in a nation of men, not laws. We are a banana republic with no meaningful oversight, no substantive law enforcement (of elected officials anyway), no real democracy. Trump is a symptom of a much deeper illness in the electorate. The fact that Trump ever got elected is beyond alarming. What’s worse is, he got elected after a Democrat was in the White House. What did Democrats do (or not do) that made things so awful that Trump had any chance at all? We know that the DNC rigged the entire primary process for Hillary, but still; Democrats better look hard at themselves and figure out how in the hell a monster like Trump could ever have a hope of being a nominee, much less win the White House.


Take a deep breath, hold it, hold it, now exhale slowly and relax.

If we were so far gone, Epstein would still be fucking underage girls on his Gulfstream, the citizenship question would be being printed right now, nobody would have seen the inside of a CBP facility, etc. etc.

Are we in a precarious place? Between now and 2020, sure.

But everything’s holding together actually remarkably well despite Trump’s worst instincts.


Very, very important perspective.

To add to the list, consider that:

  1. African-Americans can still chose their seats at the lunch counter, the bus and the theater;

  2. My daughter is still covered by the ACA for her serious medical conditions and the treatment she’s received since it passed has been life-changing;

  3. The President of my institution is still an African-American woman;

  4. My gay former business partner can still marry his chosen spouse;

  5. Two of the strongest candidates currently preparing to replace the Dotard are women - one was a public prosecutor, the other a Harvard professor and both are now Senators;

  6. Paul Manafort is not downtown, shopping for another Ostrich skin jacket, he’s still locked up for his crimes.

So yeah, it’s terrible how badly the Right have taken all these social advances (and many more), but realistically they’re reacting Against Positive Changes, and those changes aren’t going away any time soon. Judged on outcomes, Obama accomplished a hell of a lot more that Dotard, and those changes are sticking…

To quote my Scottish-Australian mother’s clan motto - “Hold Fast…”


“We think it’s very important for the American people to hear directly what the facts are because this is a President who has violated the law six ways from Sunday,” …

… let’s see … how on Earth could we do that? …

… oh, I know …


… s’cuse the shouting … but I think that it’s apparent that the establishment Demos are deaf …


Don’t worry, Miller’s got a plan for all 6 points starting the day after the 2020 election. Something about a “final solution” or whatnot.


Clicking “Like” on that post was hard…


$5 says he has exactly something extremist in the works if the dotard is affirmed by positive vote that he wasn’t just a fluke, and that all his base racist and misogynistic tendencies are actually backed by enough people.





In 2014, 77% of McConnell’s cash came from “Large Individual Contributions & PACs” (i.e. oligarchs). The industries that made the largest contributions are: high finance ($5.2m), insurance ($2.7m), oil & gas ($2.3m), and real estate ($2.3m). His single-largest donor was The Blackstone Group, “the largest alternative investment firm in the world.”

Furthermore, in '08 and '14, McConnell raised 6 or 7 times as much as the average Senate member. Prior to that, his numbers were more in-keeping with the rest of the Senate. (The rich know McConnell is committed to rule by organized money.)


“Six ways from Sunday!” Wooo that’s some tough talking! Now we’re getting somewhere! Way to do oversight!

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I’ve been watching Disney movies so forgive me if this is Pollyannaish, but I have to believe that there were people who voted for Trump because:
After 30 years of Clinton bashing Hillary for President they just counldn’t stomache
That Sander’s people said hell no to an adult
That we always seem to swing from left to right
That a majority of sorry assed people sat this one out
That voter roll purges and hopelessness among some people kept them from voting or finding their polling place
And finally what has Trump done after giving permanent tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations his first year what has he done for me lately


Donald Trump is a criminal, guilty of crimes against humanity.


In all fairness, so are George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, et al, and they’re all pretty comfortable right now. In fact, their crimes were much worse, and we now have the benefit of a decade of hindsight to make sense of that fact.

The political class protects its own.


And that’s just for his birth.

What’s happened since has been considerably worse.


thanks for not forgetting rumsfeld