Prosecutors Have 20 Phones Still To Crack In Parnas Case | Talking Points Memo

Manhattan federal prosecutors expect to crack open the contents of 20 more electronic devices in the prosecution of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

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Judge Oetken declined to force the government to provide exhibits early, and set a trial date in the case for Oct. 5.



20 phones…and 9 months to drag their feet to help Hair Furor get re-elected…


And the Senate GOP Treason Caucus has chained themselves to Trump, just as the receipts, recordings, and videos Lev have all begun the next steps in taking down Donald.


“If we were to have trial with no evidence, no witnesses, and a jury of our friends, it would go a lot faster,” Bondy quipped.

Sorry, but you only get that deal if Lindsey Graham is setting the trial rules.

(And, even then, only if his mouth is surgically attached to your…um…“coattails”.)


OT but of interest.

I don’t wish cancer on anyone. But this is going to mess with the Alt Right Echo chamber.


For Rudy’s phones, have they tried “1, 2, 3, 4” or “password”? Because Mr.Butt-dial is a cyber-security expert, you know.


Prosecutors Have 20 Phones Still To Crack In Parnas Case

They are dragging their feet because their big boss is not going to like what they are going to find.


For every crime there is a phone.
A phone for bribes.
A phone for scams.
A phone for Burisma.
A phone for fake Biden dirt.
A phone for money laundering.
A phone for quid pro quo.


There are not shortage of greedy, amoral people willing to step in Limbaugh shoes… but again, the outrageous right wing radio talkers, have trouble finding shocking material with Trump in the WH. What can they possible say that is outrageous, than what the iPOTUS says?


The Senate’s rush to non-judgment was a critical misstep for McConnell. New information about the bad acts of Trump, Barr and company continue to emerge and it will all be troubling. It could take a while given the executive opacity (e.g. Stalin’s killing of 30,000 officers in 1941 only came out in 1997), maybe even a change in the political system, but ultimately the full ugly of Trump will be exposed.


Neither do I, but I’m not broken up about it in his case, either.


I wonder why Lev “The Gift That Keeps On Giving” Parnas doesn’t just give them the passwords. After all, he appears to essentially be both a defendant and a cooperating witness.


I can’t quite figure his game. It’s like he’s angling for a deal - but fishing in the wrong pond.

That’s a really interesting point. It also explains why things are going more fascist all the time. At a certain point, outrage only lies in calling for real and terrible action, instead of the word-hurricane we’ve endured since Limbaugh arrived. I suppose they’ll be primed and ready if the election doesn’t go their way this time.

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I could be wrong – it’s happened before. But I got the impression they were phones from others involved in the case.


Very hard to tell by the wording of the article.

the contents of 20 more electronic devices in the prosecution of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman.

All the new president has to do is to sing an Executive order releasing all pertinent Trump documents.


Cancer is a terrible disease.

There’s something to reflect on that a guy who is defined by being a bloviating hypocritical windbag, his existence as a mouth piece. That he will die from a cancer from his lungs.


Sounds like the basis for a great musical.