Progressive Dems Ramp Up Calls To Expand SCOTUS In Wake Of ACB Confirmation

Progressive House Democrats called on their colleagues to fight fire with fire on Monday night after the GOP-controlled Senate locked in Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s seat on the Supreme Court in a hurried confirmation process.

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Cue the Fox News screaming about becoming a totalitarian State with a Biden administration.

The hypocrisy will be astounding.


Republicans do this because they don’t believe Dems have the stones to play hardball like they do. And for a long time they’ve been correct

I am really hoping that the long time has ended… but there are just too many Corporate Democrats that run the show. I do not trust anyone who thinks there are any reasonable Elected/Selected republicans. INCLUDING YOU JOE.


Have any of these folks ever heard of waiting for the optimum moment to strike? Let’s win a few elections, first, then…yeah.


IMO exactly the type of stoneless thinking that has us where we are today.


We should be ready on the 21st, or before.

Is there anything that prevents the congress whose session starts on the 3d of january from having a bunch of bills ready for the new president’s signature?


Just quiet until the election
Joe played it well (a panel …riiiiight)
Jan 20th 2021
All bets off
Elections have consequences Motherfucker
Eat shit and die


This one would be enough. Elections have consequences, and this would be the optimum moment. ASAP, as far as I’m concerned.


Progressive Dems Ramp Up Calls To Expand SCOTUS In Wake Of ACB Confirmation

It would be best if they kept their mouths shuts for a week or so. Then start astroturfing a big movement to push for expansion.


I don’t agree - they are not doing anything except giving sound bites and ammunition to the enemy - if and when we take the Senate, then we can start kicking ass - and I am totally for expanding the court, Medicare for all, etc. But we need to drag some close races across the line first. Once we have the power, then we can blow some stuff up.


If the vote on Barrett is any indication - 52 - 48 with one GOP defection - we can do a terrific job of taking back the Senate. I want it all, but will be happy with four new Senators. If ever we need the polls to be wrong, it’s on these Senate races where the GOP incumbents are leading by a lot.


A whole lot needs to be changed. Nobody should have absolute power. McConnell should never had the power to do what he has done in his position. The law should be if a vacancy comes up it is filled by the sitting president election year or not. The presidential powers need to be reigned in as well. Supreme Court justices should not be lifetime appointments, in fact it ought to be an elected position.


Wait until the Court does something really unpopular. Repeal the ACA - perhaps. Overrule Roe v. Wade - probably. Rule the “religious liberty” trumps (pun intended) the civil rights acts, or that “freedom of contract” makes minimum wage laws and unions unconstitutional - certainly.

Then act, swiftly and completely and with full party unity (that means you, Senator Manchin).


I suspect John Roberts is going to lean on one of the conservatives to become more moderate. It is not in the best interests of either the court or the Republican party for the court to be hard right. Roberts isn’t a stupid man.


Yes, they do have consequences. But this election hasn’t happened yet.


Let the firebrands firebrand. I don’t think this issue or their comments are going to somehow swing the election. But I’m also not sure “expand the court” is really the rallying cry we want to carry into 2021. There’s a lot of damage to assess and undo.


I agree.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a member of “the Squad” with Ocasio-Cortez and Omar, asserted that Democrats “must expand the Court if we’re serious about the transformational change the people are crying out for.”

Expanding SCOTUS is essential but it has to come across as a logical situation to the American public not some pie in the sky that “the squad” thinks everyone wants. Tlaib is a nothing more than a fool.


The overriding issue is COVID. Amazing that “expanding the court” is one of several lesser issues.


Win BIG … REALLY BIG …Then talk …

There should be an investigation into all of the information that Amy Covid Bearer withheld… concealed … failed to disclose …and an examination of the fringe group cult in which she lived may reveal some rather repugnant ideological positions…
If all of the goods are gathered up and put on the table before her … she may hear a voice calling her to a different role in life.


Expand the court.