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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has reportedly shot down Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) hopes of bringing him into the majority fold.

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“He’s buggered off! So he has. He’s scarpered!”


Pompeo, a compulsive liar, is not running for Kansas Senator because his private polling numbers are terrible. His cover story is farcical.

It’ll get leaked soon. Count on it.


You mean the good people of Kansas are holding against him that he is not as repulsive as Kris Kobach? There must be too much cattle feces polluting the water in Kansas, that why such an affinity to Bullshit.


I had a feeling that he must have decided this after listening to some of his blathering over the weekend about the attack. It was just so over the top, and risky considering how many outstanding questions there are, and how much blowback could be coming, that switching to a Senate race seemed implausible. And, apparently it will be…whatever pushed him to give up on the race, good. Kansas Republicans may try to work against Kobach, but he seems to have the right wingers in his corner, hopefully he wins the primary and loses the election.

A Democratic Senate seat in Kansas makes it that much more likely the Democrats retake the Senate, which is pretty much necessary either to stop Trump and the Republicans from doing even more damage if he wins again, or for the Democrats to get anything done when the Republicans decide to block all appointments at any cost.


KS senate race will be interesting whether Pompeo runs or not. Wish professional political analysts would weigh in since 2018 saw real shifts including electing a Democratic Governor and flipping the suburban KC Johnson county from an incumbent Republican to Democrat Sharice Davis. A red state could be in play with a Republican turned Democrat as one of the Democrats running in the D primary.


Pompeo: “I’m having too much fun bringing about the End Times! Now, where’s my horseman?”


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I had a similar thought: is it too much to hope that the internal polling on this is brutal, even from Kansas? And did he realize that he has no hope of running as an honorable person after his weekend of blatant lying?
Wow. Just wow.


Did Kansas finally figure out what’s the matter with them? Pompey’s polls must have been less than positive.


He likes being the large and in charge Secretary of State. He is the shadow President folks.


The levels of smug in DC are toxic.


One wonders why, if this assassination was so “righteous” and legal this wouldn’t give Pompeo something strong to run on… /snark


I am sure it is because he believes he has a lifetime appointment from Trump. They cannot fathom the possibility that America doesn’t want ANY of them.


One less bad guy on the battlefield.


First Lewandowski, and now Pompeo. Shit, they’re losing bad guys by the minute. :wink:


Pompeo, like Jeff Sessions, is thrilled to have finally found the ideal perch from which to do his favorite kind of damage to humanity.

Sessions wanted to help racist whites avenge themselves on non-whites for the gains of the Civil Rights era. He was a diligent, focused race-warrior, and the Top Cop gig gave him incredible power to essentially dictate that the federal government would retreat from the field and cede the fight for 14A to every grassroots racist hoping to re-live the glory days of Jim Crow. He was willing to endure Trump’s unending barbs because it didn’t stop him from going home every night to pen another memo that reverses a decade of hard-won equal protection. I think if Sessions hadn’t been dirtied by Russian collusion, he would have stuck around and been a less-shameless Bill Barr, because he’d have a free hand to (further) criminalize non-whiteness. But Trump obviously could not afford a non-bent ref.

Pompeo is also driven by a personal mission, and apparently his is that Christians need to incinerate the entire Middle East, or just kill all Middle Easterners, or maybe only the ones with the temerity to claim religious sites dear to Pompeo, and this will somehow trigger the biblical end-times that some Christian sects insist is a harbinger of their own triumphant ascension to an imagined afterlife.

Pompeo is a cultist who wants to kill millions as part of a ritual to summon the ghost of his god’s dead son. It’s essentially the plot of Ghostbusters II, but they couldn’t get Sigourney. And you know why you-know-who doesn’t count.


He’d have a better chance than Kobach I’m pretty sure.
Especially since he was a House Representative there already.
I know my friends in Kansas (and I used to live there also) have been worried that he would run.


We’ll pick them off one by one if necessary.


So if Pompeo shows up asking about your newborn kid, run away screaming?


I, too, will not be running for Senate in Kansas.