Police Captain Who Said GA Shooting Suspect Had ‘Bad Day’ Peddled Racist Anti-China Shirts Online

Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia, who on Wednesday seemingly downplayed the three spa shootings in which most of the victims were women of Asian descent, showed off racist shirts online that blamed Chinese people for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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What chance do you thank a suspected Asian perp has with this guy? His character is disqualifying and his judgment absolutely so. This guy is so settled in his position…so comfortable with the privilege it gives him that he had no pause when he posted that crap. That’s how far down the rabbit hole this asshole is.

Nothing will happen to him.


I wonder if the words “last” and “order” are prominent in his thoughts today.


I understand why you say that but I think we both hope for a better outcome.


Long told investigators that they weren’t [murdered because of their ethnicity], according to law enforcement.

Well, since the murderer told them so, I guess that’s that.


Oh, yeah, it was a really bad day for him you racist. What about the women murdered?
I really am losing any kind of faith in this country.


Wellp, shake THAT tree for a hot second and see what falls out.


Just a few “bad apples”, I’m sure.


Part of the fallout from homicide is the pain for the survivors who will read these comments and need to respond to the many people who they will meet in their everyday lives from now on who will respond to their tragedy with shame and sympathy and horror. I know. Please go easy.


He’s just a mixed-up kid who likes to have sex with Asian massage parlor workers, and when they refuse, what choice did he have? It’s not like they were real Americans or human beings or something. Just blowing off some steam while having a bit of a day. Yet another example of “cancel culture” at work. You libtrads are so hateful. Leave white people alone!


If you give up on the good people and best values of this country, these terrorists win.


He will be executed. 100%.

Oh, you meant the cop. Perhaps. But the perp. He’s meeting his maker sooner than he expected.

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Not feeling too normal after a disgusting reaction to Pfizer 2 for the past 36 hours.


“It is too early in the investigation to determine whether the shootings were motivated by racism.”

At least it’s not too early in the investigation to determine whether the investigators were motivated by racism.


Yeah: I mean, whenever I’ve had a really bad day I take out my favorite firearm, walk into a business establishment and blow a few people away. Sure, it’s unpleasant, but stuff happens.


Angry white men shall not be denied their gun rights and satisfaction!


Then wait it out and then see. I get mine in just over 2 weeks. I hear it’s a lot worse after the 2nd dose.

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Like many things these days, shocking but hardly surprising.

Like, what do you expect from some cop in a Podunk jurisdiction in the South?

Till police unions are taken over and run by a federal conservator, this is what we can expect.


I bet that gun sales just spiked in Georgia and surrounding states. Biden’s going to exploit this to take away out guns! He a commie what hates Murca and white people!

It’s probably not a stretch to think some LE people were not disappointed that massage parlors operating as fronts for prostitution were taken care of. Not going to give a lot of credence to what these LE officers claimed the motive was for the shooting. I think the FBI or the DoJ should take over the investigation. And also investigate the LE officers involved in the arrest and questioning.
The suspect’s parents called in and turned their son in when they seen the footage of the suspect on TV. They told the police what he was driving and that there was a tracking device either on his phone or car so finding him would be easy. And they also told police that they had kicked him out of their house the night before.
I’m not buying this BS that he was trying to take away the temptation by killing only Asian women. Massage parlors are not the only places in the Atlanta area one can readily find prostitutes or sex workers.