Omar Is ‘Very Confident’ Pelosi Will Take ‘Decisive Action’ Against Boebert Over Islamophobic Slurs

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) on Sunday said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has assured her that “decisive action” will be taken next week against Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), following the far-right extremist’s refusal to issue a public apology after insinuating that the Minnesota Democrat is a terrorist.

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Hopefully, the Speaker will speak out and act forcefully.

Qevin McQarthy? Hold my hood…


I don’t know what Nancy could do, since many of her possible actions require cooperation from both sides of the aisle.

And no one on the opposing side is going to do anything about Boebert. They’ll just laugh at Nancy’s ‘Senior Citizen moment’ and go on their merry way.


She can get her committees stripped just like Empty Greene.

And while many predict that a theoretical Speaker McCarthy would do the same to Dems in an alternate universe where the GQP sweep the midterms, I have a sneaking suspicion the Dems won’t do anything as vile as Boebert and the sub-100 IQ caucus to justify such votes.


Let’s not forget the head of this snake is living free in Florida. Tomorrow will mark six months since he led an insurrection against the very government he then ran.

He has never conceded the election. He continues to control and radicalize his party, by telling them lies.

We can only hope that the DOJ is going to put an end to this, with indictments.


She can speak out publicly and forcefully esp. if the GQP does anything to block her.


And when someone takes a pot shot at Omar or Tailb, Kevo will issue thoughts and prayers, while Gossar, Boebert, and Large Marge high five each other.


I won’t say Lauren Boebert is dumb, but the only way she could pass a civics test is if she swallowed it the night before.


And we’ve all seen what that gets us: just more performatives for her base and the media.

I don’t want any more of either one of them. I’m just not impressed with the options available.


I apologize for being OT so soon in the thread but…


The insurrection happened Jan. 6 so it’s been ten months since the attempted overthrow of the US government by the pouty fucks who only acknowledge elections they win.


You seem to be more cynical by the day since you moved back to Wisconsin. Say it’s not true and only because the majority of the people of your once great state know more about the Packers than their politicians.


Was hoping infarction

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And then Boobert gets to cash in the victim card for a mountain of donations…


I would like to see Boebert (among others) ejected from Congress which would go a long way to restoring my faith in that branch of the government. Verbal abuse because of one’s religion goes directly against the Constitution Boebert swore to uphold. Her oath doesn’t apply to only Christo-fascist members.


That’s not going to happen, and the counter argument will pull in Boebert’s religious rights to speak out against the “infidels”. Which means Lauren and hubby better invent their religion PDQ.


I was saying what I would like to see happen. Of course it won’t. It would require rational thoughtful behavior from the Members and they don’t do rational. They do political. Meaning “how many votes will it cost me in the mid-terms”… After all $174,000/yr for part time work for most members is pretty enticing/
Imagine a job where the employees arrange their own pay scale, work hours, days to actually show up for votes, Benefits, Health care. and 6 weeks vacation from Last week of July thru the first week of September and other days and weeks scattered thru the year off. And ya cannot get fired until your term is up.Ya gotta admit nobody would wanna lose that gravy train.


all of us. And I’m guilty as of amping up the rhetoric.
But here is a video calming discussing matters that we on here know, but it seems that almost half of us in this country have lost their ever loving minds over.


The RW chaos girls have to up their crazy every couple of days now. It takes more batshit to feed the rubes if you expect to get a nice fat donation. They are the perfect specimens to represent RW women, nasty, angry, sullen, raging, no intellect lunatics ready to run down your child or attack anyone at a moments notice. The pride of the GOP.


Oh noooo! Not a map!:grin:

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