NPR: Key Impeachment Witness On National Security Council Expected To Leave Job | Talking Points Memo

Tim Morrison, the National Security Council official and a key witness in the House’s impeachment inquiry, is expected to leave his job, NPR reported Wednesday.

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No retaliation at all.


Oooh. Things not looking good for Donnie and the gang.

That’s regardless of why he is leaving. He either wants to be free to speak, or he’ll have no reason to hold back if he was fired.


From NSC to NFTG.


“It wasn’t clear if Morrison was resigning or being fired…”

I think I can help you out with that:

“Morrison started his job in July, chosen by Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton…”


Morrison is scheduled to testify in the impeachment probe on Thursday and will appear if subpoenaed, his lawyer told TPM last week

last week, when that story appeared, there was speculation here about whether there was a difference between “appear if subpoenaed” and “testify full if subpoenaed”.

This news suggests that the latter interpretation may be the correct one.

Morrison has been part of a whole lot of other people’s testimony. Most recently, he was the person that Vindman identified yesterday as the superior to whom he’d submitted his “corrections” of the July 25 phone call summary to.

So this could get interesting tomorrow, especially if the reason why he is leaving is related to his decision to testify…


Morrison - along with Bolton - looks to be one of the key witnesses. He directly saw/heard Trump’s criminality, Ambassador Taylor mentioned his name about 15 times. He is also a hire of Bolton.

The reality is that there is no way with Trump’s mental illness (malignant narcissism) that Morrison could have come and testified and then continued to work in the White House. Having Morrison around would have set off Trump.

I expect we will see others still there leave quickly as well. Left or worse fired, none of this will help the republicans, who will be faced with witnesses whose jobs were ended by testifying to the Truth.


What’s that George?


I’m switching to Fiddle Faddle.


I predicted all this would happen when Cheeto McBoneSpur called the whistleblower a traitor and/or a spy. The IC was not going to take that lying down. Leaking like a sieve. Rats leaving the ship.


OT, but damn. Nat Geo is showing an old doc on fighting the American Mob, prominently featuring Rudolph Giuliani. He actually was semi-rational back when. Huge ego, obviously, but semi-rational.


No Fucks To Give


NonsEnse! Giuliani iS on hiS gamE like NevEr befoRe. ROOting out cRiminals in The White HouSe.


Three to four months is plenty of time to get a feel for this administration, then…


Yup, outside of a few dead enders who out of stupidity (Mulvaney) or think they can get ahead by brown nosing Trump (Pompeo) or who are just natzis (chippalone, Miller) at this point it is everyman for themselves. Get out, testify, look good, or go down with no way to every wash any of the taint of Trump off.

The people who work in the White House know how crazy Trump is, and what he is going to do as he gets cornered and his Malignant Narcissism causes him to lash out. They will want to get as far away as possible.


BolTon did the mole!


It wasn’t clear if Morrison was resigning or being fired, NPR reported, citing three unnamed sources familiar with the matter.

“Three unnamed sources familiar with the matter” didn’t know!


Interesting, but what does it mean?

Apparently the name of the whistleblower is known by everyone in the press and DC and has been for a while and realclearpolitics just published a piece a little while ago outing him.

If this was already common knowledge, I’m late to the party.

Link? I’m not seeing anything there.