News Orgs Push Court To Reveal Full Deutsche Bank Letter About Trump Tax Returns | Talking Points Memo

One thread in the sprawling series of mysteries around the President’s tax returns has a new shot at being resolved.

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I wish everybody would stop picking on poor Donald Trump. I mean, he’s already said that no one is particularly interested in seeing his tax returns, and we know he wouldn’t lie to us. After all, he is the acting President of the United States.


And what a fine actor he is, too. If you like B-movies with has-beens in them. :+1:


Given we now know of multiple instances where US and/or foreign government money ends up in Trump’s pocket, tax returns are necessary to determine how many other ways Trump is mainlining government cash into his veins.


How crazy a conspiracy theorist am I to wonder if Justice Kennedy’s abrupt resignation was to avoid forfeiting the GOP’s majority, as a result of his recusal in Deutsche Bank cases inevitably headed for SCOTUS, by making way for a successor free of his own conflict of interest?


If you didn’t see this
Pretty much the only role he knows

Mr. Trump has been playing himself instinctually as a character since the 1980s; it’s allowed him to maintain a profile even through bankruptcies and humiliations. But it’s also why, on the rare occasions he’s had to publicly attempt a role contrary to his nature — calling for healing from a script after a mass shooting, for instance — he sounds as stagey and inauthentic as an unrehearsed amateur doing a sitcom cameo.
His character shorthand is “Donald Trump, Fighter Guy Who Wins.” Plop him in front of a camera with an infant orphaned in a mass murder, and he does not have it in his performer’s tool kit to do anything other than smile unnervingly and give a fat thumbs-up.


In todays world everything is possible.


Wait … wait! How did we get from Trump to Reagan?


What President do you have in your pocket?


I dunno, as an acting teacher, I’d give him an F.


Pretty effen crazy if you don’t include the promise of a pardon to Kennedy’s son if he’s found to have done anything illegal.


You have to thread the needle to assume that he would recuse in the first place. Republican supremes don’t do recusal much.


There was a press conference when Kennedy announced, with Trump. As they walk down the hall, Trump says something to him that stops him cold. He stares at Trump, not happy. Trump puts his arm around Kennedy and ushers him out. I’d soooooo love to know what he said.


That sounds on the nose.

What, you’d expect a deplorable to be un-deplorable? It’s not in his nature. His character is that of a vulgar, thin-skinned narcissist. You have to admit, if that’s what he’s aiming for, he hit the bullseye.

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Easy. Trump was secretly the chimp in Bedtime For Bonzo. Just wait until THAT scandal gets going!

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He’s going to start screaming “fake news” when the media starts reporting what he and his accountants wrote in his own tax returns, isn’t he?


If news orgs have standing to sue in this case, why aren’t they going for the bigger targets?


Donald Trump lies all the time about everything to everyone, especially conservatives, who will pay for a useless wall.

Something along the lines of: “Thanks sucker, you’re fucked now”, and then pushes him in front of the media lights to announce his resignation.

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