New Trouble Is Brewing In The Mar-a-Lago Case

After I explained the ratfucking of judge Cannon, Penny decided she had had enough.


I, unfortunately, live in Texas and the answer to your question is no, they don’t consider they belong to the Union.


That’s an outstanding image you shared. Well done!!


Melinda French Gates says she is doubling down on advancing women’s rights as she opens “a new chapter” in philanthropy following her split from the Gates Foundation. After parting ways with the organization she and her ex-husband, Bill Gates, founded more than 20 years ago, French Gates is now striking out on her own with a pledge to provide $1 billion over the next two years “to people and organizations working on behalf of women and families around the world, including on reproductive rights in the United States,” she wrote in an op-ed for The New York Times . She said the National Women’s Law Center, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and the Center for Reproductive Rights would be among the organizations to receive new grants as part of the initiative. “While I have long focused on improving contraceptive access overseas, in the post-Dobbs era, I now feel compelled to support reproductive rights here at home,” she wrote. French Gates also unveiled a $250 million initiative in the fall aimed at helping grassroots organizations and “focused on improving the mental and physical health of women and girls globally.”


the turd in every punch-bowl…


More from Kruse:

All of these developments show a party moving not just to the fringes of our current system, but racing towards an outright rejection of that entire system. There is a concerted push towards an authoritarian system propped up by minority rule. (I never dreamed it could happen but this Supreme Court could well overturn Baker v Carr or Brown v Board at this point. Griswold , I assume, is already dead in the water.)

On the other side of the ledger, there’s simply nothing comparable from Biden or the congressional leaders in the Democratic Party. Nothing.

The issues you’ve mentioned — campus protests, corporate DEI policies, transgender rights — are almost wholly separate from the party. Indeed, if these issues have any connection to party politics it’s that the GOP has pushed them to the forefront in a cynical effort to make the left seem just as menacing as the right. (As someone sitting on a quiet Ivy League campus, reports of our imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated.)

So I’d strongly disagree that the right and left are in comparable positions. Moreover, the idea that they are roughly equivalent seems to be a deliberate smokescreen by partisans to hide the real story, which is one of the unprecedented radicalization of the right in service of a minoritarian political project.


Yeah, long tail says accipiter.


BTW, here’s a newsflash for Palestinian protestors on college campuses:

Former president Donald Trump promised to crush pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses, telling a roomful of donors — a group that he joked included “98 percent of my Jewish friends” — that he would expel student demonstrators from the United States, according to participants in the roundtable event with him in New York.

“One thing I do is, any student that protests, I throw them out of the country. You know, there are a lot of foreign students. As soon as they hear that, they’re going to behave,” Trump said on May 14, according to donors at the event.

When one of the donors complained that many of the students and professors protesting on campuses could one day hold positions of power in the United States, Trump called the demonstrators part of a “radical revolution” that he vowed to defeat. He praised the New York Police Department for clearing the campus at Columbia University and said other cities needed to follow suit, saying “it has to be stopped now.”

“Well, if you get me elected, and you should really be doing this, if you get me reelected, we’re going to set that movement back 25 or 30 years,” he said, according to the donors, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to detail a private event.


And I live in AZ where the dream of all Republicans is to make us more like Texas. I get it.


Seem like a particularly effective and sane strategy for achieving progress to you?

Team Unicorn is the Horsehoe Theory wet dream of the far right fascists and might as well just be their dedicated blowjob service. All the self-awareness of a desiccated sea cucumber kept around for use as a dildo.


It’s appalling to learn how much scope a federal judge has to mishandle a case. Or just not to deal with it! Is she at the beach or something?

One of the few things a tenured faculty member at the college where I taught could be fired summarily for was “non-performance of duties.” You know, not showing up to class. A low bar, but a few poor colleagues managed to crawl under it and were canned. Can Cannon! She’s not doing her job. But I guess we can’t can Cannon. WTF?


Regarding the Washington Post article about Trumps shakedown of donors.
Every one of these corporate donors want something; a regulation gutted, a tax break. The kind of things that ends up having a deleterious impact on the American people. Whether it’s more lead and arsenic in the water. Methane and carbon emissions in the air. Fewer banking regulations which lead to higher fees and rates.
The undermining of labor laws. Or educational curriculum gutted and replaced with Christian nationalism. None of this is forward thinking nor puts the country in a better position but takes the country back to the era of the robber barons.


Trump will have to pledge to deport her if he’s elected. And Texas will pass a law making it illegal to accept her money.


Look At What The Texas GOP Is Up To

A Texas electoral college at the county level. And in each county, an electoral college system at the city level – by a vote of business owners.


I don’t think the free rider element is a part of most vaccine denialism. For one thing, how many in the general public are even aware of how herd immunity works? Specifically, the degree of vaccination uptake required for a given disease?

What drives this in my experience are the outlandish conspiracy theories. The vax will make you sterile, or it has microchips to track you. Or just plain willful ignorance.

For example, there is one member of my extended family who is politically progressive, but refused the Covid vax because he’s a health nut and obsessive about what goes into his body. He believes that the Covid vax is “experimental,” and so he won’t use it. Ignorance and online conspiracy theories are what’s driving vaccine denialism.


I would respond thus… just go get vaxxed & join the herd. That way fretting is avoided.
The percent of folk getting vaxxed is too low in my opinion. In my age cohort (last numbers I saw and its dated) of 65 and up about 35 % have the shots.
That may be too low for “herd immunity.”


Considering his views on student protesters and since him and his father they were in the construction industry they must have cheered on the May 1970 hardhat riots in Lower Manhattan just a couple of weeks after Kent state.

You can rest assured that like many outer boroughs residents during Vietnam the Trump family was quite supportive of the war. Additionally his elite status allowed him to be more than ok with having working class kids from other neighborhoods just a few subway stations away to bear the burden. After all no Trump has ever served in the military. All while those same neighborhoods ended up having the highest Vietnam era casualty rate of any zip code in the country.
By Trumps and those donors logic, or lack thereof the likes of Albert Einstein, General George C. Marshall and the author Hannah Arendt would be banned from college campuses and even deported because they were or became critical of the state of Israel.


Governor, Lt Governor, AG, Secretary of State, Auditor/Treasurer- these are the positions that are statewide.



You can tell it’s MAGAt KKKult from the molester-stache…


It is. But I’ve found both the third arm I grew to be helpful at handyman tasks around the home, as well as the voices in my head to be quite instructional, so I try to look at the positives, despite shopping for shirts now being a lot tougher.