New Trouble Is Brewing In The Mar-a-Lago Case

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The slam-dunk Mal-d-Lardo case should have been over months ago.


Wow. That quote from Justice Sotomayor. is so powerfully honest yet heartbreaking. I just hope we can turn things around.


Not if the Judicial Harlot of Fort Pierce has anything to say about.


Interesting post.


Donald J. Trump: The baby at every baptism. The bride at every wedding. The corpse at every funeral. The asshole at every sphincter.


From another thread:

So would she step down early, to allow Biden to nominate her successor to a Democratic Senate, rather than run the risk of Trump making it a 7-2 reactionary majority on the Supreme Court, or a McConnell-controlled Senate leaving her vacant seat open until a Republican POTUS does the same?

Action talks, bullshit walks.

On an unrelated note, it’s ironic that Burns is warning us about the historical moment, after his “Can’t we all get along?” normalization of what the slave states were trying to do in the last civil war. For example, that good man Robert E. Lee was a monster to his slaves.


The latest parry arises from Trump’s blatantly false and highly incendiary claims that President Biden effectively ordered Trump’s assassination by dispatching a FBI kill team to do the Mar-a-Lago search. It’s batshit crazy stuff, and Smith is asking U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon … sigh … to order a stop to it.

Not a fan of conspiracy theories, but sometimes they just scream at you.

The ‘FBI came to assassinate Trump’ line responded to the release by Aileen Cannon of sealed grand jury testimony last Tuesday, after months long dispute and delay. Coincidentally (?), conveniently, furor erupted to fill the news void just when the jury in the NY election interference criminal trial was released for the Memorial Day long weekend. Trump’s motion to release the testimony grossly misstated the standard FBI instructions when executing a search warrant by omitting the word ‘only’ when describing the permitted use of force. That’s borderline malpractice on the part of Trump’s attorneys Chris Kise and Todd Blanche, if not sanctionable behaviour. The erroneous words were then broadcast widely by Trump and his surrogates/enablers.

Hence the conspiracy theory. The misstatement was intentional, to be used in exactly the way we saw last week, to target the FBI team who executed the search warrant. Its appearance in public was delayed by the timing of Judge Cannon’s release of the transcript. Now ponder this. What if team Trump in fact is in direct backchannel communication with Judge Cannon, and she unsealed the transcript on cue, as instructed, last Tuesday.

Recognize that things could have been worse. Trump’s legal team also requested the release of witness names, which Jack Smith successfully opposed, tho it was a close thing. The request to release witness names was something of a puzzle, since most witnesses are more or less identifiable… but not all: the names of the FBI team who executed the search warrant, are not known, and would not be until close to the trial date, but if disclosed now would have had immediate consequences for them and their families.

I confess that my mind has wandered into this scenario after weeks of exposure in the NY trial to the mind of a mob boss, and the inner workings of his fiefdom.


Glad to see Ken Burns more clearly articulating the present danger before us. I saw him within the last year speaking in a moderated forum and he didn’t sound like this. He was clearly knowledgeable about history and passionate about telling stories, but his dedication to objectivity seemed to keep him from articulating a specific opinion of his own.


This flew across my path very close before alighting on the fence rail. So close I felt the wing wind on my cheeks.


Is Texas still part of the United States? Those crackers down there spend all of their time figuring out how to eliminate even a semblance of democracy. Haven’t they got some football games to go to?


"Condition support for candidates on a particular set of policies, threatening their electability if they dissent, and discipline officeholders by leveling similar threats whenever they veer from those priorities.” Yeah, what’s your your point?




Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t vaccine denialism true in the narrow, free-rider sense? Conditional on everyone else getting vaxxed and our together reaching herd immunity, I can free-ride on everyone else’s immunity and be fine (and avoid the infinitesimal risk of harm from the shot itself)? If this is right, denialism is a dangerous belief largely because people now mostly suffer no immediate harm from it–insofar as, under current conditions (and unless vaccine denial is prevalent in geographically concentrated populations), most people are still getting vaxxed?


Republican Party of Texas delegates voted Saturday on a platform that called for … a constitutional amendment that would require statewide elected leaders to win the popular vote in a majority of Texas counties. … Under current voting patterns, in which Republicans routinely win in the state’s rural counties, such a requirement would effectively end Democrats’ chances of winning statewide office.
… … … … …
Does this “state wide county majority” thing include Senators and Representatives at the federal level?
Who in Texas is “state wide”? Are not state reps and state level senators representing local areas?


what a silly question!of course, trumpfs team is in back channel communication with this judge cannon…any moron can see that! FT. PIERCE has always been sketchy…good grief,Cannon is married to a mob lawyer…duh!!!


“…What Texas Is Doing”

Permanent. KKKristofascist. Minority. Rule.

If we don’t like it, they WILL violence the rest of us. So at what point do we start accepting that and arriving at the only logical conclusion as to what will ultimately be required to stop it?


Sort of like insurrectionist rioting. Get everyone else to do it and you can free ride off the results.


it was looking at your hair…glad it did not grab it…

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Looks like a Coopers Hawk. With prey in one of its talons.