National Security Adviser Says ‘Of Course’ Trump Will Transfer Power If He Loses Election | Talking Points Memo

National security adviser Robert O’Brien said Wednesday that President Donald Trump would accept the results of the election in the event of a loss in the presidential election which is now less than two weeks away.

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The last person on this planet I would trust is donald trump.


“If he loses the election, I’m certain the president will transfer power over, but (Behold the Underlying Truth) we’ve got to make sure there’s no fraud in the election


If he “loses”…that’s the key. He’ll never admit he lost (he’ll certainly claim rampant fraud, and demand the SCOTUS gives him his kingdom back), so this means nothing.

ETA: the very fact this even needs to be stated, in an ostensibly 1st world, developed country is just insane.


we must ensure that the election was “free and fair”

what a laughable comment coming from a gooper. they’ve done everything in their power to ensure that our elections are anything but free and fair.


Speaking of fraud … here in Pima County we can watch early ballots being counted - live. We can see the ballot boxes arrive, a room full of folks taking them out of envelopes and stacking them and in another room the ballots being tabulated by machine. There’s no fraud here, donald.


They agree to illegal NDAs and fail to respond to subpoenas so why would they even bother to pretend to comply with the Hatch Act. Obama and his people did so obviously there’s something wrong with it.


All of the kabuki ignores two simple truths:

  1. The actual election takes place in December, when the Electoral College meets.
  2. The decision isn’t actually up to Trump. The Chief Justice has to swear him in, because his term expires, one way or the other. No new Oath of Office, no new term.

So maybe we should ask Chief Justice John Roberts ‘if Donald Trump refuses to respect the results of the election, will you swear him in a second time?’


Aren’t you in AZ? I find that outstanding that you can watch early ballots being counted, et all, in AZ!


WHY would we believe you? Not to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but you guys have spent the last 4+ years tearing down any belief in ANYTHING so we would follow lemming like the words of one Donald J. Trump.


Saying Trump will “of course” leave office if he loses ignores the actual problem.

Listen to Trump. Only Trump will decide if he loses.

ETA: I do believe Trump will ultimately surrender the office if he loses but it won’t be really voluntarily and will only happen when the people he needs to stage a coup of the election refuse to participate. As Claire McCaskill recently pointed out, with the exception of the sycophants surrounding Trump, everyone in Washington on both sides hates him and are counting the days until he has left town. While this may be a little optimistic, I think it is essentially true. No one with any sense steps onto a sinking boat.


He will “of course” leave office. But can the obese orange hitler give up this?
orange hitler

O’Brien’s statement about trump willingly ceding power had what Guinness World Records says is the largest asterisk ever attached to a sentence in human history.


Our recorder’s office is very open and transparent. Great website too. I can track my ballot all the way to tabulation. And we can see tge raw numbers expressed in a table. Day by day. Paper ballots are certainly a pain to deal with but it cuts out a lot of hacking chances since we don’t use voting touch screen machines.


Considering Guinness’s history of toadying up to authoritatians, strongmen, and dictators for donations, I’m sure Trump’s got a lot of their asterisks.

The comments toed the line of federal law — as the Hatch Act strictly limits government workers from engaging in political activity — but O’Brien contended on Wednesday that his trips outside Washington were justified because people beyond the nation’s capital “deserve to hear about the president’s national security policies and our foreign policy successes just as much as the Washington think tank class.”

If only the man who has the ability to call a press conference addressing national security at any time of the day or night, who could, with one phone call, arrange for a national address on national security policies on any given day, who could use social media to amplify his policies, who could address these issues on the campaign trail…if only that man could explain for himself what his national security policies are.


Of course Trump will transfer power… To Ivanka. He just hasn’t decided which idiot son to make Vice-President.

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Agree, I’ll believe it when he walks and not a smidgen before.

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Yeah Bob hey listen just to sort of probe at the margins of your premise but the fucking power of the presidency is not Trump’s TO KEEP OR RELINQUISH AS HE PLEASES. That power is bestowed by THE FUCKING VOTERS.

Glad we could have this little talk.


Come on… what he really is saying is 'Of Course Trump will Transfer Power if he believes he lost the election

And as we all know the odds of that are approaching nil