MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Resigns And Apologizes After String Of Controversies

MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews announced on Monday night that he will be retiring from the network.

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With a few exceptions it’s likely that ill-advised comments about women, flirting, just general inappropriate interest and crudely expressed curiosity, is a trait shared by millions of men. And for those above a certain age it manifested itself so openly almost a generation or more ago you could mine for those offended and make a case for firing or demanding the resignation of millions of employed men in the workforce, were that your mission. What’s a society to do when one segment insists, with some credence possibly, that 10 or 20 percent of the populace are sex offenders of a sort, and they want them rendered unemployable?


What do you do with any alleged “sex offender”?


I gather he also resigned in the broadcast - as in went to commercial and didn’t come back, leaving Steve Kornacki to cover for him.

Seems odd to leave that bit out of the story.


He has set an excellent example.

Now Trump will have no choice but to be ashamed of his behavior towards women and resign and apologize to them for not only making inappropriate comments about women but also sexually assaulting them.



I don’t watch, hence did not know this bit until you mentioned it.


As for his just leaving during a commercial break, well, the sooner the better.


Bye, Tweety. Would someone please schedule Elizabeth Warren for an interview with Chuck Todd, next?


just general inappropriate interest and crudely expressed curiosity

general inappropriate interest is just stupid, it isn’t a crime. I: and I guess many other men, have been guilty of that. crudely expressed curiosity is simply wrong, and probably constitutes harassment if part of a pattern.


Let’s not forget Matthews sucking up to Kellyanne Conway. Blech.


I don’t either but Twitter is handy :wink:

Apparently Chris Matthews didn’t tell anyone he was about to resign on-air? He didn’t even finish the rest of @hardball — he just said he was resigning, it cut to commercial, and then Steve Kornacki was sitting there in front of the camera stunned when commercials ended.

— Caroline Orr (@RVAwonk) March 3, 2020

It was time for Tweety-Bird to go.

All of the inappropriate actions aside, what annoyed me the most about Matthews was his CONSTANT INTERRUPTIONS of his guests, trying to play “GOTCHA” with them and trip them up into giving him a “juicy soundbite” for later attribution to himself for what a great “interviewer” he was.
This election cycle he was exposed for the hack he had become (he wasn’t like that 10 years ago.)

See Ya, Tweety Bird. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Now. Taking bets on who replaces him: My guess: Joy Reed (she is on the air all the time anyway. She must LIVE in the MSNBC studios.)


Stunned into silence?


Not living in America, it is hard to watch his show, but when I have seen it his age and declining mental acuity had begin to show. On occasion, he could get lost in the conversation or appear befuddled or just say something painfully stupid to keep from having dead airtime. And when you compare him to the others in the evening stable, especially Chris Hayes and Dr Maddow, his age really showed. And not in a good way.


The events he’s talking about are not ancient history. One involves his criticism of Warren on the question whether Bloomberg told an employee on learning she was pregnant to ‘kill it.’ Others are misogynistic remarks made in 2017 and after. Maybe it finally got through to him that by this point it’s just not ok to keep doing what you used to do with impunity,
I started practicing law in 1973 and as one of few women who appeared in the court house I encountered misogyny as a daily diet. It took me a while to start getting angry because that was just what guys did, even if it sometimes made me uncomfortable. And I don’t think they should be punished for what was pretty accepted in those days, even though it was and is wrong.
I do think, however, that men who don’t listen and don’t learn and don’t change their conduct deserve to be called out and suffer a range of consequences. Boys will be boys doesn’t cut it any more. He’s way past the date for knowing better and thinking the new rules didn’t apply to him.


Allow them to say “Charge me and prove your case in court, and have me judged by a jury of my peers.”


I noticed a definite deterioration in his on air demeanor over the last month. He was talking over everybody, interrupting w/i 15 seconds of asking a question. He always was like that, but I thought he had settled into the role of lovable Uncle Chris, letting Hayes and Maddow do the heavy lifting. All of his weirdness came back worse this season–I’ll bet msnbc was afraid of what he might do on Super Tuesday; worse was easily possible.


Yes, so does that answer your original question?


Grim Reaper.


I can’t tell if you’re using snark font or not.


I really don’t watch his show but when I heard the other day that he confused Jamie Harrison with Tim Scott to Harrison’s face I assumed he quit because of this bit of buffoonary.