Missouri Legislators Oppose Vaccine Efforts As State Becomes COVID Hotspot

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I don’t believe you… I’m from Missouri…Tube me. It’s only a matter of time until Covid-19 has its own theater in Branson, Mo.


Tots and players to you…


MO Fire Dept. (as flames consume house with children trapped inside): “More gasoline!”


I just had my first annual checkup in 1.5 years and I had my doctor do a measles antibody test, just to make sure I’m still protected. My insurance isn’t going to cover it but I don’t care. At this point, these idiots are going to bring all the diseases back and I don’t trust any of them. We had a good run as a developed country for a while there, but we’re headed right back down to the shithole list.

(Good news, I’m still protected against measles!)


Not “we really could use some napalm here”?


The Show Me state needs to see more body count.


John Gales

My cousin Roger died on the sidewalk after the second shot right in front of the clinic. Age 31 Autopsy showed inlarged heart from the vaccine. No thanks I will stick with mask.

And this is crap I’ve been talking about. The misinfo posted on FB. This John guy posted this on mu city’s FB page warning us that:

We communicate COVID-19 information on this and other social media platforms for the health, safety and benefit of our residents and the residents of surrounding communities.

This page is not a forum to shame or otherwise deride people for their choices. We encourage everyone who is able to get the vaccine and talk to friends and family to encourage them to receive the vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, and we can best communicate this by sharing our stories. If you received the vaccine, use it as an opportunity to show someone who may be hesitant that it truly is safe to get.

If you would like to be vaccinated, the Sam’s Club, Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies in Kirkwood have doses available. No appointment necessary. You may also visit stlcorona.com to find vaccine locations and clinics.

I checked out his profile and he’s from Buffalo MO, in Dallas County which north of Springfield, MO. Early today one of the St. Louis news channels posted on their FB page the progression of COVID from Springfield MO up highway 44 towards St. Louis.

I think my idea of building a moat and transferring St. Louis County and City to IL may actually be a good idea.


Covid doesn’t care what trash you talk https://www.newsweek.com/trump-supporter-who-protested-against-vaccinations-dies-covid-19-1611673 Hate to say it but maybe in death her exampl esave some lives


And just another case of masks protecting people from a dread disease

It said it was working with the airlines to assess “potential risks to those who may have had close contact with the traveller”.

But the chances of the disease spreading on the plane were low because passengers had to wear face masks, it added.


I hope Covid ‘Shows them’

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Let me guess. The legislators are all white, Christian Evangies. The people dying are all black.


I guess we could joke about this recklessness, but the lambda variant is upon us.


“Your gonna need a bigger alphabet.”

(h/t Roy Scheider)


William Haseltine has suggested that we may end up calling this one Covid-21.


While the lege is white, CV-19 isn’t discriminating.


State Rep. Brian Seitz, a Republican from Taney County, home to the tourist destination of Branson, commented on the post by falsely claiming that the virus had been developed by top government scientist Anthony Fauci and billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates. They “knew what was coming,” Seitz wrote.

The jury is still out on the ‘vaccine’ (who knows what’s in that),” he wrote.



“And no, we didn’t get the vaccine,” he wrote in a post that has since been deleted. “We’re Republicans :laughing:

Was there a pre-virus that was focused on the MAGA, Republican, Qanon demographic that has caused an atrophying of their frontal lobes. We just just didn’t notice it somehow.


image a real tool - but not sharpest in shed

Bill Kidd had a much more offensive suggestion: institute an “intern dress code.”