Mississippi Takes Step Toward Dropping Confederate Image From Flag

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Spectators at the Mississippi Capitol broke into applause Saturday as lawmakers took a big step toward erasing the Confederate battle emblem from the state flag, a symbol that has come under intensifying criticism in recent weeks amid nationwide protests against racial injustice.

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We’ll know they’re serious when the University of Mississippi drops “Ole Miss.”

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Welcome to the 21st Century, Mississippians.

It’s about time…

And equality…


Oh OK, Mississippi will trade Confederate symbolism for “In God We Trust” religious preference.
Got it. But…whatever…Mississippi…baby steps.


It’s Mississippi. They’ll replace it with a big ol’ swastika and git r’ done!


Germany lost between 4.3 million and 5.3 military members during WWll.
They don’t honor them with a Nazi flag. The Nazi flag is banned in Germany.



If I could figure out the copy and paste function in this Kindle, I’d put in the flag for the American Nazi Party and say they were going to this design.

Now TPM is just trolling us…

Still no story on #TRE45ON .


“Being a veteran, that’s important to me — that you remember these guys that fought in battle, whether they’re on the right side or the wrong side,” Hartness said.

Somebody said, in another forum, regarding this quote: “So, by that logic, Germany should have an iron cross or swastika on their flag. But they don’t.” (I regret not being able to provide proper attribution)


“Being a veteran, that’s important to me — that you remember these guys that fought in battle, whether they’re on the right side or the wrong side,” Hartness said.

Must be a product of the Mississippi education system.


I can see both sides.

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I would say it is a product of men who die for their cause. We might not agree with that cause, but they did fight in honor.

There’s absolutely no reason why the confederate flag should be part of any state flag, and that’s not erasing history as some would suggest. The history and stories can (and should) be told in the appropriate venue like a museum or classroom.


Yes, I agree. Every image has an expropriation date and the Confederate flag has met (hers or his). Soon other images will meet their demise, such as the Swedish flag?

No, not in this case. This man Ignores that those who fought on the “wrong” side were committing treason against their own country, and for a brutally racist cause. It’s that simple. And there are many veterans who fought for their country and question why these traitors continue to be honoured, on flags, statues, plaques, buildings, schools…


“We worship traitors who got their asses kicked, but we should be taken seriously, damn it!” Fuck Mississippi. If it weren’t for the NCAA threatening their college football they’d still be giving everyone the finger.

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Sorry, they died to defend slavery. The buying and selling and sexual abuse of other human beings.

Totally indefensible.

Oh, and taking up arms against the United States of America.

Totally indefensible.


My understanding is the origin of most confederate symbols is not to the Civil War, but to the Jim Crow period, as an effort to intimidate and humiliate black people. Really not much of a heritage to be proud of.


No one can serve two masters

…change the flag…

Only one battle flag should fly over the United States of America.