McConnell Promises ‘Discussion’ On Guns

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has speculated that discussion about red flag laws and background checks will be “front and center” when the Senate reconvenes — at its regularly scheduled time.

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“McConnell has refused calls to bring the Senate back early to work in response to the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas”

This should be a death stroke on his career as well as many of the other Republicans. Without being ghoulish about it, the shootings this round have provided rich fodder for the opposition.

I do not care what issue it is, every time a Republican opens his mouth, just simply say “But you did nothing!”. and leave it at that. They have not a single thing to hook into and counter their behavior. And El Paso and Dayton at the illustration at every turn.


Given up on McConnell reconvening Senate but is asking the racist-in-chief to call them back. I bet we all know how that will go besides nowhere.


Mitch McConnell is living in “The days of yore” .
To give you and idea

About the Senate Committee System

Due to the high volume and complexity of its work, the Senate divides its tasks among 20 permanent committees, four joint committees, and occasionally temporary committees. The Senate has established guidelines for committees, but each committee adopts its own rules and procedures.

Mitch McConnell has been exsposed and he can no longer hide,the whole country now knows who he is and they want something done,to curb or at least address what’s going on in our country RIGHT NOW !


The only thing that can change this, I’m afraid, is if another horrific shooting keeps it on people’s minds. The NRA and Moscow Mitch count on the news cycle to change the subject. How do you focus your efforts when every day brings a new and different outrage?

And we can’t forget Gilroy California,and that incident seems to have vanished from the MSM,and Trumps visits.


I actually think that’s that’s letting them off the hook too much. They fought for terrorists right to have guns, thereby assuring there would be a next time. Just like they are doing right now.


I know it’s the longest break of the year and it’s August heat and all that but I still think Pelosi should call all the Democrats back to show everyone that they are ready and willing to take action on gun control, whether is voting on existing House approved bills that McConnell has buried or coming up with new ones. At the very least it could be great optics to show that murder really doesn’t mean much to the repugs. Show that trumps use of power is not being used for constructive purposes, only for his own selfish reasons. If they let time pass, like always, this issue is going to be buried just as Mitch plans.


#moscowmitch is delaying because he knows perfectly well that Cheatolini will cause some other scandal within the next 48 hours and all of this will just be water under the bridge and forgotten.

I am so sick of this. I am so sick of all of this calculated evil on the part of the Gooper leadership. There isn’t a trace of humanity in any of them.


Also, one of the first bills trump signed was to make it easier for the mentally ill to possess weapons. Now they are claiming these shootings are caused by mentally ill people. Hmmm, if only I could see some connection between these two facts…


A discussion! Wow! I feel so much safer!


It can’t be left unmentioned that this is a pattern with Republicans going back well into the last century.

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This is a great message - simple and true.

It also starts to erode the “both sides do it; Washington is broken; we need new people” narrative. No - both sides do not do it. Democrats pass legislation in the House, the Republican Senate refuses to discuss and vote. Washington can be fixed - if Democrats retain the House and take the Senate. We don’t need new people riding in on a white unicorn waving a bipartisan banner, we need to flip seats. This includes Justice Democrats challenging D incumbents in districts that a progressive could lose in the general e.g. MA-1. Why waste time and money fighting each other when the focus should be 100% on beating the Republicans up and down the ticket?


Yes! Just what he country needs! More backwards ideas from Republicans with their head in the sand. I can already hear the demands for more guns and more armed guards (and no money to pay for any of it).

Mueller ruined my patience with double negatives.


That’s a great idea, despite the disruption to the Congressional representatives’ schedules and lives. If she can get Schumer to rally the Senate Dems to come back as well, the “optics” (hate that expression) would be priceless.They could/should obviously gather somewhere public for photos and comments.


And people told them this would (continue to) happen if they passed that bill. It’s almost as if they didn’t care. Like some evil force possessed them (and by ‘possessed’ I mean ‘owned’).


Moscow Mitch will not bring the Senate back early. It will take that long to run the polls after a cooling off period from the most recent mass shooting. Can’t know the ‘right’ thing to do until you know which way the wind blows.

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[McConnell Promises ‘Discussion’ On Guns]

I’ll take that about as seriously as all of trumps promises

Dust in the Wind


I was implying that all Democrats, the House and Senate Democrats, come back to DC. It’s campaign season so we’re going to hear a LOT about “optics” in the coming months. The word can save a lot of verbiage.