McCarthy Comes To Carlson’s Side After Wild NSA Claim … And Ropes Nunes Into It | Talking Points Memo

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Wednesday tasked Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, to investigate the National Security Agency, after the agency bluntly denied allegations by Fox New host Tucker Carlson that it has been spying on him in a conspiracy to get him kicked off the air.

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In other words, Republicans are having a cow.


McCarthy doesn’t seem to understand how things work…he and Nunes have no power to demand anything of the Secretary of Defense, or start an investigation. And, reinstating Ellis is a nonstarter, he’s obviously a Trump plant who was there to sabotage the Biden administration. Putting him on leave was to make sure he couldn’t cause trouble or interfere with any investigations being done, as he’s been shown to be purely partisan and not a person who will work for the best interests of the nation.

The desperation of the Republicans is clear in this…NSA is not investigating Carlson because they are not allowed to, but the major panic makes me wonder if Carlson was talking to someone he shouldn’t have and his emails were caught. It would really be karmic justice if Carlson managed to incriminate himself sending emails to foreign agents who the NSA was watching because of their nefarious behavior. Carlson is one of the best at enraging the white people that Republicans are dependent on, having him get caught collaborating with enemy agents would really put a dent in their image.


McCarthy Comes To Carlson’s Side After Wild NSA Claim … And Ropes Nunes Into It

So the old rope-a-dope works again…


ARGHHHHHH … I can’t take this anymore! I’m going to spend the next few days reviewing quality conspiracy theories by binging Oliver Stone films (inter alia), Torchwood, the original Twilight Zone, and Zoolander (see what I did there?) …


McCarthy then announced that he has recruited Nunes to investigate the allegations that the NSA has denied.

Has Nunes finished suing anyone that mocked him (including his own cow) for a billion dollars? How many of those suits he won?

More proof that when the Okies left for California, the average IQ of both places dropped.


Shouldn’t Nunes be under investigation for all the crap he has been doing during the drump years.


I believe he was the one who was “burrowed in” at the last minute by Trump, clearly as a saboteur and conduit for information out of the NSA. Given Trump’s background, he probably should be considered a Russian spy, and treated as such.


Now we know, there is nothing Qev won’t do to become Speaker. What a putz.


McCarthy never had much going for him, but he has become a figure of fun on a scale approaching Nunes’s performance – or what seems to be an increasing number of members of his caucus.

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And Ropes Nunes Into It

What a bum steer of a congresscritter.


Gaetzie seemed to imply something was there. He appears to be person non grata with faux news ever since that on air incident.


The Republicans will not be cowed in their pursuit of bullshit.

Yes!! Third cow joke! The early ovine really does get the cud.


Well since it’s been 10 hours or so since I read the reporting about this, is there any reporting on why Carlson thinks that the NSA was spying on him? I mean just because he said something on his show doesn’t mean that it’s true, and quite frankly it’s not like Gmail sends you a notification that your emails have been routed through the NSA so they can see what you’re up to. Or at least I’ve never gotten that notice.


Check your spam folder.


I really don’t think Qev knows what being Speaker of the House entails. :woman_facepalming:
And then I shudder to think who would be calling the shots, the man behind the curtain, that sort of thing.



Them dirty bastards took my spam folder! Now what do I do!


Nunes is probably too busy giving his family bad advice on dealing with their defamation lawsuit. Especially the one where they say they were slandered by Esquire, who claimed the workers they employed were…ahem…not here legally and they insisted that was all lies!. Imagine how shocked they were when the judge told the Nunes’ lawyer “prove it”.


Also this Weisselberg is expected to surrender to the D.A.