Lies, Lewd Texts, ‘Sexualized Relationship’ At Center Of Trump-Appointed Fed Judge’s Abrupt Resignation

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A Trump-appointed federal judge in Alaska abruptly and with no explanation resigned from his position last Wednesday.  Court documents made public Monday reveal that former U.S. District Judge Joshua Kindred’s resignation came after he was asked to voluntarily resign in response to a judicial investigation that found he had “an inappropriately sexualized relationship” with one…

Not a surprise. A very trumpian judge.


Who in these times thinks he can get away with shit like this? The resignation is a small part of this guys penance. He threw away a LIFETIME cush job that asked him to work about 20 hours a week. He will be a pariah in legal circles and not just for what he did but for doing it in a way that got him caught.

This guy was way to stupid to be a Judge.


Credit for resigning as a federal judge, but is he now considering a run for congress in the future? No ethical or moral standards required for representing the cult. He’s pretty much a bog standard repub in that regard.




Well, it’s clearly a case of “Kindred” spirit run amok!! It is pervasive in the MAGAt club…


Guess he forgot to become famous before starting to molest women.


Aileen Cannon anyone?


I presume he just made the convicted felon’s short list for future SCOTUS appointments.


Welcome to Project 2025.


This scum bag is a poster child for Trump’s value system.


Like an iceberg, the bulk of the Trumpian cesspool is still below the waterline of visibility.


Says he received nude photos from a Federal prosecutor? Curious to know if any repercussions.


Get used to a lot more of this.

One of the strongest threads that links Trumpworld actors is rape and sex-trafficking.

I had forgotten until recently, but I was actually happy to see, years ago, that Trump was palling around with Jeffrey Epstein, because I foolishly believed that being part of a child-sex ring would eliminate Trump from political life.

But in this country, we let them do it.


Trump really nominated a lot of bad judges…I wonder how many other stories there are like this, of judges abusing their power for their own ends. Not just sexual ones, we’ve got Cannon farting about to help Trump avoid prosecution as another example of corruption.


That’s after being invited to the newly formed House Commission on Discrimination against Horny Male Judges. /s


Dude looks like Josh Hawley with a merkin. That’s all.

It’s so hard to be a molester on a federal judge salary, which is why we need project 2025.


If you want to see the difference between how comparatively smart people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and extraordinarily stupid people with Narcissistic Personality Dsorder respond when called to account without exposing yourself to Glenn Greenwald’s toxic screeds, compare the judge’s response as set out in the order to everything Trump ever said and did.

Truth is, the difference isn’t all that large. But it’s also notable that this dude finally resigned where Trump never would. See, e.g…

Absolutely no idea how to ever simulate normality and decency. He can’t figure out how to tell a lie that portrays him as being within the bounds of acceptable behavior because he can’t grasp where the boundary lines are; the very idea of “acceptable behavior” as a thing existing separately from whatever he wants to do or say in the moment doesn’t exist for him.

Don’t think this is a phenomenon entirely of the right or the rich. Not including Greenwald, there are multiple people in the professional Left in and out of office who fit the profile.


I was wondering who in the Hell recommended him to be appointed a federal judge in the first place?
This guy’s actions didn’t just happen, if he’s doing this to his law clerk he was doing this to other females that worked under him.


If this pure Trump male could have stayed in power to see if Trump wins he could have been in line for our Nation’s highest honor for being a sick son of a bitch. :fu:
Imagine the honors and the high ranking jobs Trump would lay upon him. :fu:

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