Judiciary Committee Democrats To Boycott Barrett Vote

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee will boycott Thursday’s vote on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, calling it a “sham process from the beginning.”

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There is a case at the Supreme Court that by how the Court has handled the case to include its timeline that tells in no uncertain terms that 5, with Cony-Barret 6, total Republican partisan hacks currently control America’s legal system.

The case involves Trump’s emergency order taking from money appropriated by Congress for the military to build his wall. The Supreme Court last ruled on a similar case in Trump’s favor, that Trump has the power to do this. The case will be decided after the election and what is obvious is that the results of the election will determine what Chief Injustice Roberts and other Republican hacks on the court decide.

The case is about Trump’s legal authority to do this, which the Court decided last year he had. The reason you know this has nothing to do with Trump, and everything to do with a possible Biden administration, is that the Court is allowing Trump to spend the money well it decides. That is if the Court had any intention of limiting Trump’s authority it would not let him spend the money until the case was decided. Hence the only possible reason the Court would consider a ruling other than “YES, the President has the authority”, is if Trump will no longer be president and the Republican Court wants to start ASAP to limit the authority of President Biden.

That is the Court will, if Biden wins, use this case that it has already said Trump has the power to say President Joe Biden does not have the power. It is as obviously bias as bias can be in favor of Republicans and against America and democracy.


This is good stuff. First step in adding new justices. Nine is not a sacred number. Originalists know this.


It’s really the only thing they can do — highlight that the fix is in and everyone knows it.


Currently, Barrett’s full Senate floor vote is scheduled for next Thursday.

Um, “next Thursday” is tomorrow, right?


Are we facing a juristocracy (or kritocracy or dikastocracy)?


Good. Democrats really need to ramp up their drama skills.

Has anyone figured out why Diane Feinstein was so clueless about the whole process?


Of course, the mossback conservative Catholics consider the NCR to be something like the equivalent of a RINO… but “moral relativism” is fightin’ words to a conservative, and you know they did that on purpose.


Oh, good grief.



Good, then should not be any fake delays while the Democrat committee members grasp their pearls and faint.

She is well qualified, and the majority of Americans favor her selection and want a favorable vote in the full Senate.

She is only objected to by pro-abortionists and people with sex identity issues.

We can bitch and moan all we want about how horrific the GOP is as it moves ahead with this unconscionable confirmation but keep this in mind: The only reason Trump has had the chance to appoint these Justices is because in 2016, the DNC rigged the primary for Hillary, thus keeping Bernie from beating Trump. The DNC is MASSIVELY responsible for putting Trump in office in the first place. But, this is heresy in the Dem world and even the fact that I dare mention it means I’M THE PROBLEM. The Dems are spineless pukes who constantly cave to their GOP daddies. I’m sick of it. And, we can be certain that if Biden had everything he needed to expand the SC and appoint 4 new Justices, he wouldn’t do it even if he could. Why? Because that would be viewed as “partisan” and that is the gravest sin of all in the world of “Comity” and cowardice where the Dems live.

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They will control more than the legal system. They will have the ability to alter the outcome of national elections and thwart the will of tens of millions of voters.

She has indicated she doesn’t respect the separation of church and state. She refused to answer simple yes or no questions on the statutes. Exactly how much experience does she have prosecuting or defending a case in court? Little, perhaps even none. She has signed documents indicating she finds IVF to be manslaughter and that it should be prosecuted as such. This doesn’t make her well qualified, but a wacky religious extremist who won’t accept modern science. She’s welcome to her own religious and moral opinions. She’s not entitled to use her position as a judge to impose them on others


I thought the same about RFRA until Alito set me straight with his majority opinion in Burwell v Hobby Lobby.


Rally I guess?


“I will open your schools,” says the president, who has no power to do that.


A bot? Left over from ‘16 trying to find its way home?


Judiciary Committee Democrats To Boycott Barrett Vote

Good. And they should meet in another committee room and vote unanimously to confirm Merrick Garland.


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I fear that I’ve bored TPM readers once too often with the argument that our Democratic congressional leadership needs a total overhaul, because they’re an actual impediment to beating the GOP. I’ll just post this: