Judge: Trump Said He’d Declassify Russia Probe Docs But Never Actually Did | Talking Points Memo

The Justice Department successfully convinced a federal judge that when the White House announced that President Trump was declassifying certain documents from the Russia investigation, he didn’t actually declassify the materials.

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Breaking News!!! The White House lied about something!!!

I’m shocked. Shocked.


So … Trump lies and Sarah followed suit. They never followed up.


“…a case brought by media outlets seeking unredacted versions of the DOJ applications to surveil ex-Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.”

Carter Page is the Leonard Zelig of Cato Kaelins.


Put this up there with Trump saying there will be a million and a half doses of vaccine ready by end of the week.

““DOJ’s declaration now makes clear that the Press Release was not a declassification order,” Judge Mehta explained, denying the media outlets the unredacted documents.”


An, Cato Kealin, the Leonard Zelig of Carter Pages.


So Trump lies again, but this time it took a federal judge to sort through the lie and it’s attendant consequences. What an excellent way to run government!


From the you can’t make this stuff up file:OT

Coronavirus emergency bill held up over vaccine cost concerns

Democrats are insisting the spending package include significant funding to purchase large amounts of coronavirus diagnostics.


Surely, there must be some mistake …



Isn’t that a problem for embroidering the towels in the rest room?

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Maybe the documents are just stuck in the backlog, behind the totally unbelievable findings of those investigators in Hawaii.


“Republicans are trying to eliminate the “fair and reasonable price” federal procurement standard for the vaccines and treatments that will be developed and purchased with the emergency funds”

The GOP wants to let pharma profiteer off a potential pandemic. Dems should be shouting that into microphones over and over and over regardless what questions they are asked.

“What is the hold up with the legislation”

“The GOP wants to let Big Pharma profiteer off people’s deaths and fears of a pandemic.”

“What color is the sky?”

“The GOP wants to let Big Pharma profiteer off people’s deaths and fears of a pandemic.”

“What about her emails?”

“The GOP wants to let Big Pharma profiteer off people’s deaths and fears of a pandemic.”

“OK fine…but can we at least talk about Super Tuesday?”

“The GOP wants to let Big Pharma profiteer off people’s deaths and fears of a pandemic.”

“Sir, I’m just trying to ask you questions about things the American people are interested in…”

“The GOP wants to let Big Pharma profiteer off people’s deaths and fears of a pandemic.”

Get the picture, Dems? Get on it. This is un-fucking-acceptable on every fucking level and you should be messaging away whatever pressure the GOP is trying to put on you and whatever false message they’re trying to pin on you by out-messaging them on it. It’s not hard. Just say shit over and over again and make it painful for them to hear.


So do we really know if all that $$$ Trump has skimmed, er rerouted, or asked Congress for to build this “Wall”, has really gone to build the “Wall”?
Kidding aside I really want to see the books on this project.


This is reprehensible. A certain someone knows he’s the fall guy…so he blatantly lies to the American people in the midst of a viral outbreak.


To clarify, according to the linked article, Democrats are insisting the materials purchased through the bill be governed by the “fair and reasonable” cost standard, a normal part of Federal contracts that prevents price gouging. The hold up has come about because the Reactionaries want to pass the bill without this control on what the manufacturers can charge.


So their plan is to come up with a vaccine (eventually) that no one can afford? I’ve heard of vulture capitalism, but this is a bit too much on the nose.

These are the dumbest, greediest people.


What is the MYTHOMANIAC (16k+ Lies) Criminal IMPeetus hiding? Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Income Tax Returns…on and on?

Trump’s Conflicts of Interest = 3030 and counting in 1138 days


Just watch Azar and how he acts like a whipped dog, barely taking the podium…sortof standing to the side not to get in Trump’s way while he lies about the vaccine being done…and then looking to his master for approval. FUCKING. PATHETIC.


Got to recoup their investment don’tchaknow.


From the Official Trump 2020 campaign theme song

You made me promises promises
Knowing I’d believe
Promises promises
You knew you’d never keep