Is Your State Ready For The Pandemic Election? A Look At AR, CA, IL, NJ, and VT | Talking Points Memo

Our journey through America’s varying levels of pandemic-voting preparedness continues this week with looks at Arkansas, California, Illinois, New Jersey and Vermont.

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I know this is slightly off-topic, but there is something I don’t understand about Fat Ass’s insistence that he will not be removed from power.

Many fellow Dems have been saying he is doing this so that Democratic voters become disillusioned by the whole process and just don’t vote, depressing Dem turnout.

But the TrumpTard army thinks everything that Fat Ass says is equal to the word of God, so when he goes around doubling down about saying that he will not be removed from power even if he loses the election to Joe Biden, what is the incentive for his idiot MAGA plague-spreaders to go out and vote for him, since, according to their Orange Omnipotent Master, he will never be removed from the White House whether anyone votes for him or not?

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Oh, and, uh…FIRST!!!

Vermont governors serve two-year terms. Phil Scott easily won re-election in 2018.

And he’s mostly an old-style new england republican.

The inability to fix defects is a problem, but the lack of requirements for witnesses probably stems from the long tradition of commingled early/absentee balloting, where you get your ballot from the town clerk (who knows everyone in town), and then at some later point hand it back to them in a security envelope. Probably doesn’t work in more urban or mobile areas.

(Years ago, the first time I went to vote in person in VT, I was a little surprised to see that the poll worker signing me in was my next-door neighbor. And I live in one of the bigger towns.)

So I know this is silly. I’m an Arkie who literally sold her home & belongings and fled the state after the ‘16 election. I am ashamed of my home state. However, I am also ashamed that professional journalists can’t seem to remember that AK = Alaska and AR = Arkansas. It’s not that difficult. Just as MI is Michigan and MS is Mississippi. It was even in the headline!

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I’m an Arkie too. AR type of Arkie not an AK arkie.

Glad you got out safe. Tom Cotton is a trainwreck.