Insane Christmas Photo From GOP Congressman’s Family To Yours | Talking Points Memo

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted the above photo on Saturday, with the message: “Merry Christmas! 🎄 ps. Santa, please bring ammo. 🎁”

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It’s an apocalyptic death cult.


The family posing in front of the Xmas tree are a bunch of wimps! If they uploaded a video of them skeet-shooting ornaments then I would be impressed…Conservatives are becoming so wacky that they can lead us into a fall sense of security ( Such as ‘these guys are too silly to be taken seriously.’) , but their actions often have deadly consequences.


No family should pose for a gun totin’ rootin’ tootin’ kill 'em where they stand…photo like that monstrosity.


Lawyers insist Mommy and Daddy were going to turn themselves in.

Comes out Mommy wrote a love letter to Trump.

Mommy and Daddy abandon the kid and go into hiding.

Then they get caught and are now in jail on $500K bond each.

Love those Republican Family Values.

Now when is Rick Schroeder going to post their bail?


American Taliban.


I can’t imagine any R doing this for any D.


Speaking the truth
Charlie Sykes Calls Thomas Massie’s Gun Christmas Card Equivalent To A ‘Dick Pic’ | Crooks and Liars


Didn’t we cover this story over the weekend on our own? It’s not even that important. TPM needs to step up.


Pretty much beat it to death.


I think they’re simply owning libs the best they can.


Of course it was George Soros
Fox News Blames Liberals For Michigan School Massacre | Crooks and Liars


Nothing say Peace on Earth like being armed to the teeth.


Pretty good, lot of stupid in one video

MAGA World Is Falling To The Pandumbic

MAGA world is being knocked back on its heels by the Pandumbic that they willingly use like they use Ivermectin


I would have thought Kurtz would lead off the week with this piece.

Saturday night, Donald Trump called the American media “crooked bastards” and Gen Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, a “fucking idiot”.

“The country is at a very important, dangerous place,” Trump said, amid familiar lies about his defeat in the 2020 election, which he says was the result of electoral fraud.

“We have no press. The press is so corrupt. We don’t have a press. If there is a good story about us, a good story about any of the people that are Republicans, conservatives, they make it a bad story. And if it’s a bad story they make it the worst story in history. It is the most dishonest group of people.”

Trump claimed to have transformed Americans’ views of the press, saying “when I first announced I was running in 2015 they had a 94%-95% approval rating. And right now they have a lower approval rating than Congress.

“I consider that to be a great honor because they are a bunch of very dishonest, crooked bastards.”


Guns by a Christmas tree, What Would Jesus Say?
Jeebus on the other hand is cool with it.


Lots big guns and shooting metaphors going around.


If Mary and Joseph were armed they wouldn’t have been put in the manger. Jesus may not have been visited by the wisemen. We would have no Xmas story.


Massie is a cross between an First-Class Attention Whore and a Psychopath

Let’s pause a think about the magnitude of this deranged photo
… Who? (and especially people who scream about the sanctity of Christmas & would punch you in the mouth if you suggested that they say “Happy Holidays” ) … so, WHO? … would place a massive amount of intense - entirely unrelated-to-Christmas objects (essentially visual non sequiturs) - so prominently in their Christmas Card photo? One could make a strong argument that they were intentionally making a mockery of the very concept of Christmas … and Christianity

  • if they liked Bowling, would they have posed with all seven of them holding bowling balls?
  • If they liked knives, would they have posed ghoulishly holding huge butcher knives?
  • if they like cars, would they have posed holding up various auto parts (carburetor, exhaust pipe, etc)

when people pose next to a Christmas tree with the family pets, or wearing elf costumes, or all playing with classic Christmas model trains … that’s one thing …

This grotesque militia-style display of lethal weapons is pathological.


A trump lie
According to Gallup the news media enjoy 36% approval while Congress is at 21%.
And on the day he announced his run he disparaged Mexicans as rapists and generally bad people… “the other”. So he started out garnering coverage by abusing a whole country and it’s people. He did it I think to get coverage from the media he now professes to hate…

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