Incoming WH Officials Hope Biden’s Agenda Won’t Fall Behind As Senate Trial Approaches | Talking Points Memo

Although President-elect Joe Biden has declined to weigh in on the timing of the Senate impeachment trial in the days leading up to his inauguration this week, his incoming White House officials signaled on Sunday that they hope the trial won’t get in the way of Biden’s priorities at the start of his presidency.

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Let’s just give up now.


Just keep going with your agenda, Joe, meanwhile have some nutcutters out there to take away the Loser’s pension, secret service protection, right to be buried at Arlington, all of that.
Hold the party together by focusing on America’s future while Kamala focuses on vengeance. You can walk and chew gum at the same time


This is where winning the Georgia elections is going to pay off in spades. If Mitch could ram judges through thick or thin, I’m confident Majority Leader Schumer (feels really good to type that!) can do double duty as well.


OT but slightly more point to it: The NYT is reporting that Trump alllies have collected tens of thousands of dollars in “fees” from pardon-seekers. Now didn’t you just know he was selling the damn things? The Chiseler-in-Chief. It’s just amazing how he’s one thing and one thing only.


Worm excrement?

That may be too generous actually. Worm castings are actually beneficial to yards and plants.


No need to turn it into an extravaganza.

Smallish Select Committee of not necessarily super bigwig Senators meeting In unassuming hearing room somewhere. Direct testimony filed in advance in Question and Answer format. Live testimony limited to witnesses adopting their testimony under oath and cross-examination.

Committee cranks out a report. Full Senate debates for like a day and votes.

Kind of like the end of “The Bicycle Thief” only impeachment.


It’s not like the issues are all that complex. He told them to attack the Capitol and they did. You don’t need 83 investigators on it. You just need a few copies of newspapers and a marker. Pretty close to slam dunk.


“White House officials signaled on Sunday that they hope the trial won’t get in the way of Biden’s priorities at the start of his presidency.”

I think that’s a fairly safe assumption.



No worry, Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time. Not to mention there will be lots of women, you know the Masters at Multitasking.


Remember Lindsey’s Graham’s call for unity and no Senate trial?

As Biden prepares to be sworn into office surrounded by more than 20,000 National Guard troops protecting the inauguration from one of the gravest domestic terrorism threats in U.S. history, Democrats and other Trump critics are pushing Republicans to renounce the party’s embrace of the falsehood that inspired the Capitol attack and is motivating many of the Trump supporters vowing to take up arms again.

So far, the efforts have been largely fruitless. Even as much of corporate America threatens to withhold donations from lawmakers who objected to the election results, and social media companies cancel accounts — including Trump’s — spreading the false conspiracy theories, the bulk of elected Republicans continue to follow Trump’s lead in refusing to acknowledge that Biden’s win was legitimate and fair.

“Donald Trump incited the violent part of his base to harm people because he made them believe the Big Lie, that he won by a landslide,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), a House impeachment manager, tweeted Saturday. “All Trump has to do to prevent further political violence is say one sentence: ‘the election was not stolen.’ ”

But so far, Trump and his allies have refused to do that. In their comments about the election, congressional Republicans have hedged, equivocated and accused Democrats of being divisive — even as they continue to promote a falsehood linked to ongoing violence.


Although wouldn’t it be pretty cool if they drop a few nuclear exposés that expand the sedition charge? Say, evidence of his collaboration with Putin’s crew (looking at you CIA to have keep the files in the bottom drawer of the desk all these years), some direct knowledge of Flynn’s attempts to sell us out (yoh, FBI! This one’s yours!) or maybe even something that could drag in Jared and the kids.

Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?


But who else is there? The death long ago of Phil Hartman means Lionel Hutz isn’t available.


Seriously there are probably scores of articles you could write. But honestly we’ve never had the executive branch physically attack the legislative. It really ought to be enough.


Based on his predecessor, it’s all up to how much “Executive Time” Joe spends.

That’s when the real work gets done.

*Binge Watching Fox


It should, but I’m thinking about all those Republicans calling for “unity” and “healing” and scrambling to get that Men in Black white light to flash in everyone’s eyes and thinking a couple of pound of insurance might be in order here.

We will probably never get a majority of the Republican Senators to vote “Yes”, but could scare enough of them to stay home that day…


I am amazed that Senator Burr and the other GOP senators are going to get two impeachments out of their fidget spinners! Grassley will need to put his running shoes on, what with all the time he will spend chatting sipping tea, just off the floor. Deja vu.
Biden has my support, he won the election, he sets the agenda.


Here’s another winner…

Couy Griffin, a Republican who represents Otero County’s 2nd district, is also the leader of a group called “Cowboys for Trump.” The group’s Facebook page over the last few days posted several pictures of road signs, growing increasingly closer to D.C., interspersed with messages such as “You wanna fight? Well now you got it!!! January 20th!!!," referring to the date of President-elect Biden’s inauguration. According to his criminal complaint, Griffin has been charged with entering a restricted building without lawful authority.


Karl Rove: ‘Strong Likelihood’ Trump Will Be Convicted if Giuliani Leads Impeachment Defense

Maximus: Strong Likelihood Giuliani Gets Stiffed By Trump. Again.


Agreed. Just put the really blatant stuff (hard to narrow down, to be sure) on prime time.

I suspect, as the Senate trial starts, we’ll know fairly soon if 17 Republicans have the courage to convict and/or want to render Trump incapable of running again. If so, it may be helpful to prolong the trial a bit to further draw a wedge within the Republican Party.

Govern by day, convict by night, I say.